⌚5 Minute NO GYM Full Body Workout (MELT FAT FAST) | HIIT Cardio For Maximum Fat Loss

5 Minute NO GYM Full Body Workout (MELT FAT FAST) | Intense HIIT Cardio For Maximum Fat Loss. Don’t have enough time? Do this 5 minute full body workout that will burn tons of calories.Get your stopwatch ready, you will be doing this by time instead of counting reps. It doesn’t matter where you want to lose fat, a full body workout routine is the best approach.If you’re always busy, this 5 minute workout is perfect for you.


  1. Can anyone tell me what is a Set and Rep ??

  2. Heii,Can you please uploade a video about fat legs,fat stomach and fat arms? I can't write so good in english,because i'm from germany.But please uploade a video about this,i mean a workout with all them,thank you veryy veryyy much,love youuu!!??❤❤❤

  3. should I do a warm up exercise first?

  4. I will try this and will update if no update means I did none of this and will be in the couch eating lays

  5. i'm going to start doing this today and I will come back in 2 weeks to update you guys.

  6. how many weeks do I have to do this for

  7. It's so difficult but it seems effective

  8. ………………………I'm gonna wait until my period's over to do all of these xD

  9. I have a request please make a video to correct knock knees . I really want to correct them please.

  10. does this workout make your glutes smaller?

  11. your exercises are helpingggg yassss

  12. Could you please make a workout that helps to burn back's fat? From shoulders to lower back? Thank you

  13. First comment second view

  14. First comment second view

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