⏳Hourglass Figure Workout: Get A Smaller Waist & Bigger Butt (Slim Thick Workout)

Get A Bigger, Rounder and Firmer Butt in 30 Days or Less! ⏳Hourglass Figure Workout: Get A Smaller Waist and Bigger Butt (Slim Thick Workout)

If you want to build that hourglass figure fast then doing full body routine is a great option.Instead of splitting up your workouts for parts of your body, doing compound exercises will yield bigger and better results.This hourglass figure workout has 4 compound moves that gives you better bang for you time.Every muscle from upper to lower body will feel it! It combines the use of weights and some cardio.

  • Use dumbbells size range 10-20 pounds for maximum resistance hence faster calorie burn and toned muscle building.


  1. All these people saying weekly updates dipped

  2. Imma try this and come back in 2 or 3 weeks I promise I'll keep y all updated?


    •20 standing Y raise
    •15 stability ball chest press
    •30 Wall/regular push-ups
    •15 wall sit chest press

    •100 squats (50 ______ squats & 50 regular squats)
    •50 jumping jacks
    •25 dead lifts
    •25 wall Bulgarian spilt squat

    •100 Russian twists
    •15 dead bug
    •suck in stomach 10 secs (10 times)
    •30 crunches/sit-ups (15 crunches & 15 sit-ups)
    •20 wall leaning side crunch (each)
    •25 wall sit twists

    •15 lunges
    •15 fire hydrants (each)
    •15 back lift pulses (each)

    •2min jumping jacks
    •2 min high knees
    •2 min run in place
    •2 min down & jump

    I made this for anyone wanting to do more, I’m gonna do this workout 2x a week for the rest of December I’ll do weekly updates ❤️❤️

  4. what does "2 sets each 25 reps" mean, please reply

  5. I'm gonna do this……? I might say what happened next week 😛

  6. 1st day was hard cuz well I hv never done exercise in my life but I got through it gonna update ya soon

  7. Idc if you don't like my body now. If you come up to me and you're like,"you're fat HAHA" SHUT THE FUCK UP I DONT CARE

  8. hi guys! currently i'm 145 pounds and basically a stick figure because i'm so tall, it's really hard for me to gain weight. so now i'll try to gain muscle! i'll start tomorrow and update weekly from there ? comment if you're going to be waiting so i can be reminded!

  9. Does this tone the belly area too?

  10. i kid you not , these work !! i stopped doing them but i'm back at it again starting today. ill keep you guys updated

  11. Im going to try this, i will update everyday for a week

  12. i'm gonna start doing this today and i'll update every week!

  13. Im gonna try this gonna tell the results in 2 or 3 weeks!!

  14. I've semi recently dislocated my knee & while I'm working on getting my strength fully in it back what could be a replacement for the wall Bulgarian split squats as it's wayyyyy to much for my knee currently

  15. this was so easy i did and i got result in like 2 weeks thx it really worked??

  16. I will try this for 8 weeks and update every two

  17. all you need are weight 5 weights

  18. I don't have dumbbells, can I still do it?

  19. Am skinny will this help? Please reply.

  20. Today's my birthday!!!!!:)

  21. could you please make a workout routine to eliminate the bat wings? thank you

  22. im going to try to do this and i will post updates. keep in mind that i will be eating healthy and do hiit cardio on the side. just a tip, if my progress isn't the same as yours maybe this could be why

  23. Yaayyyy I asked for this and it's here

  24. how long does it take you to get the butt you want

  25. Does this make your thighs bigger to? Of course along with your butt.

  26. Does this actually work for people that are just starting off exercising? Or for already fit people?

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