There are two everyday hair looks – braids hairstyles – in this tutorial.

1) Learn how to under-side braid /plait your hair – looks like a side-ways, upside-down French braid hairstyle – a cute teenager hairstyles/peinado for school, into a voluminous, elegant, poofy ponytail for short, medium, or long hair, in this, quick & easy, DIY, lace-Dutch braid hair tutorial video. Dutch braids are inside out, or inverted French braids. This hair braid can be done on straight, layered, relaxed, or curly hair.

2) After making the glamorous, poofy, braided ponytail, learn how to do a quick, easy, and perfect, big messy bun style in 30 secs! If you like big bun hairstyles, then you’ll love this braided high, big messy bun / top knot updo!

Braided top knot, hair buns, and high ponytails are all in fashion this summer. Although this curly ponytail hair tutorial was made for teenagers going back-to-school in mind, everyone can enjoy this effortless, everyday hair style.

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In this DIY, easy hairstyles/ updos/peinado, step by step, instructional hair tutorial video of 2013, learn how to make a romantic, chic, elegant, fancy, braided, poofy ponytail into a big 7 perfect messy bun.

Try this simple updo perfect for long hairstyle this winter holiday, for spring, for summer, fall, for work, for church, party, or for a special, formal occasion like the prom, homecoming, special wedding/bridal events, graduation party, and etc.

Hairstyles/coiffure with boho braids make the best wedding hair, party hair, bridal hair, bridesmaid’s hair/updo, wedding hairstyles, wedding updo..