☽ Tumblr Inspired Hairstyles ☾


  1. Adding the scrunchie to the half up half down hairstyle is a good idea.

  2. You seriously look like Natalie Dormer! You're so stunning. Xxx

  3. This is so cute, I did space buns a while back and I got made fun of by people at school they started yelling out "Miley Cyrus" and stuff and I did it again but I had chop sticks in them and they made fun of me too but I honestly didn't care cause I liked it! I thought it was cute??rocked it all day 🙂

  4. Lol I first one is called milk maid braides xD

  5. Prettyy. You're the prettiest personn.

  6. space buns like Lottie tomlinson ^^

  7. what is this hair color? is from Loreal?

  8. I love ur hair tutorials ur so gorgeous roxi??

  9. hey there! great hairstyles ! could you tell us what shadow do you use? it has a really warm gold tone! Thanks, xo !

  10. Can you please show the hairstyle in your display picture? That looks pretty…

  11. I love her hairstyle videos!! ?

  12. liking this video before its even started coz i know its gonna be good

  13. a lot of people at my school laugh when I have space buns but they the buns help me block out the haters ya know?

    h8trs gon h8 ???

  14. I love your hair tutorials! They are so cool and easy to follow! 🙂 xxx

  15. you are soooo beautiful and your accent is adorable! <3 <3

  16. Thank you for all ur hairstyles ! ?❤️ I love them ! ~ I'm gonna try the space buns whn school reopen , jst hope tht teacher wont mind me having tht hairstyle !

  17. I've got a widows peak too! I find mine so annoying when I do a middle parting

  18. I felt like shit when i see somebody laughling at me
    because of the space buns . even my family laughed
    I cried that night

  19. I really like ur hair colour omg it's so pretty ??

  20. if only I had such beautiful hair like hers omfg

  21. Loved your video … I hope you follow so
    The watch Portugal !!
    Do you twitter?

  22. Does she copy Zoella or does zoella copy her?

  23. My new favorite beauty guru(:
    Quick question, Where can I get that shirt? I'm absolutely in love with it!

  24. I did the first hairstyle today, and everyone complemented me how pretty I did my hair. They asked me how did I do it and I said it was so easy! Just did two braids and bobby pin at the top. To just check your channel and OMG thank you 🙂

  25. Girl, let me have your hair 🙂

  26. Wauw! I love your style!!! I kinda have that style two! On school I am different. Butt the most people like that. My brother is very populair on school he is also "hipster" so people like it at school. The most hahaha. We also have a band on our school. PEER. There also "hipsters" so I am not alone hahaha. You are my example! I love your YouTube account and you! You're style and your beautiful on the inside and outside! Xoxo a fan out Holland!

  27. she could wear a pOTATO SACK AND STILL BE CUTER THAN ME

  28. Just found your channel! I love it already, hugs from meee haha

  29. Aww I love your videos so much!! I hope you to do more like this one because is so cute and tumblr

  30. I'm in love with the second hairstyle. Reminds me of zoella.

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