♡ How To: Step by Step Spa Pedicure

“I have always enjoyed doing Pedicures and today I will be demonstrating for you how to do the amazing Spa Pedicure. Clients love Spa Pedicures, they are so relaxing and they love the way their feet feel and look afterwards. By focusing your “energy” on the 3 most important parts of a pedicure you will be able to do amazing Spa Pedicures in 50 minutes (that keep clients coming back again and again).”

Have a Great Nail Day, Tammy Taylor

“Amazing 50 minute Tammy Taylor Spa Pedicure”

The 3 things Clients remember the most about their Pedicures:

  • #1 Are their feet Smooth?
  • #2 Was the Massage Memorable?
  • #3 Did their Polish Last?

Prepare Bath
Fill foot bath with warm water.
Spa Tub with “jets”: add Peach Spa Moisturizing Soak (to soften callus and exfoliate dead skin) then place client’s feet in foot bath.
Vibrating Tub: add Peach Spa Moisturizing Soak (to soften callus and exfoliate dead skin) and add Peach Spa Antibacterial Soft Soak (for fragrant bubbles that cleanse and soften)

At a Glance Directions
To help you Focus on the most important parts of a Spa Pedicure, I have broken the Pedicure down into 3 SECTIONS:

SECTION ONE = 25 minutes
(Make the Feet “Smooth”, Paying the most attention to the Callus, Cuticle & Dry Cracked Skin)
Steps 1 thru 12:

Steps 1 thru 6 (Both feet) NOTE: Do Not Soak Feet until Step #6
Helpful Hint: (to help make your pedicures easier and faster you will want to work on Dry Feet for Steps 1-5)

  • 1. Sanitize with Peach “Sanitize-Sanitize-Sanitize”
  • 2. Remove Polish with Peach Spa Polish Remover
  • 3. Clip (Clip straight across) and File Toenails (file with the Cutie-File)
  • 4. Apply Peach Spa Cuticle Remover and massage into cuticle area
  • 5. File the Callus while the feet are dry; this will remove more callus faster with less effort. Use the Zebra 100-180 or Purple Terminator Foot File with Peel’n’Stick Disposable Strips
  • 6. Put feet into water (while you are letting the feet soak for a couple minutes(get warm moist towels ready and Educate your client about Retail Products for their feet, like a Foot File, Peach Spa Lotion, Peach Spa Callus Soft, Thymolize)

Steps 7 thru 12 (One foot at-a-time)

  • 7. Remove foot and dry it off
  • 8. Push Back Cuticle with the Cutie-File
  • 9. Nip Cuticle (Nip only the dead skin that is standing up and waving at you)
  • 10. Buff Toenails with Clean Finish Buffer
  • 11. Massage in Peach Spa Callus Soft
  • 12. Exfoliate with Peach Spa Exfoliating Scrub
    Put foot back into water and thoroughly rinse the scrub off foot.

SECTION TWO = 15 minutes
(Paying the most attention to doing a Relaxing and Memorable Massage)
Steps 1 thru 4 (One foot at-a-time):

  • 1. Remove foot and dry it off
  • 2. Spray foot & leg with “Spray Pain Away”
  • 3. Massage with Peach Spa Moisture Lotion
  • 4. Clean leg and foot with a moist warm towel then wrap foot with a dry towel and set foot aside

SECTION THREE = 10 minutes
(Paying the most attention to Cleaning the Toenails and Polishing)
Steps 1 thru 4 (Both Feet):

  • 1. Spray Toenails Thoroughly with Peach “Sanitize-Sanitize-Sanitize”
  • 2. Clean off Toenails with a Plastic Manicure Brush
  • 3. Polish Toenails:
    Apply One Coat of Tammy Taylor Milky Base Coat (let dry 30 seconds to one minute)
    Apply 2 Coats of Tammy Taylor Nail Lacquer (let each coat dry 30 seconds to one minute)
    Apply Tammy Taylor Z-Coat (Super Shiny/ Non-Yellowing Top Coat)
    Helpful Hint: (Clean polish off skin with a small brush and polish remover)
  • 4. Apply Peach Spa Conditioning Cuticle Oil and Quick Dry to Toenails

Total 50 minutes


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