1. "I wanna get fit for las vagasss becasss…. I need to get fit for las vagassss"

  2. not to be rude but u touched ur hair then touched ur egg…..

  3. Pls do an updated one love ya amazing video and ur gorgeous???

  4. Yay I love this girl your gourgous and don't ever need to change but way to go for the healthy lifestyle ❤️❤️❤️

  5. please do a workout routine video ?

  6. Hey thank you so much for favouriting my tweet ??

  7. I can't belive were BOTH greek! I'm half greek My dad is full greek but born in America and my Grandparents wich is his parents were born in greece like thessalanki. and SAME i LOVEE Feta chesse and for dinner i live with my grandparents so they always have greek sald and stuff!

  8. You looks like Bethany Mota :)! You are beautiful :3

  9. Love the Lunch and it's so colorful. So ur friend bday is on November, if it is??? Bcuz my two BFF and my mom birthday is November. NOVEMBER B-DAYS!!!!!!!

  10. Please do more of these videos!!!

  11. The Greek salad looked delish!!!

  12. Loved the video! I'm also working on getting healthy, so you're giving me ideas as to what to eat. Thank you for that! Looking forward to the healthy snack ideas..!

  13. Love you so much Nicoletta! Your hair looks stunning in this video!!

  14. hey nicoletta, i'm one of your biggest fans! i'm quite excited to know you half greek ,because i live in greece and it's really awesome to find out the fact that one of the greatest youtubers comes from my country! you inspire me and you keep me motivated!i love you!

  15. You remind me of Alisha marie! Love your videos!

  16. I'm going to do one of these videos soon! Any youtubers wanna support each other?!

  17. I love you the video was good.?

  18. yasss girl ? love you Nicoletta! !

  19. You are so close to 40,000 ? I'm so excited for you!! I believe I subscribed around 32,000… I don't quite remember but it's been so nice to watch your channel grow ❤️

  20. Great 'What I ate today' lovely! <3
    Could you think of living vegan? Just interested 🙂

  21. This was so great! I really like this <3

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