❤️ How To Gain Weight Fast | Gain Weight on Hips, Butt and Thighs!

Not everyone is looking to lose weight as some are struggling to gain it. If your trying to gain weight then this video is for you.

Many of you should know by now that it’s easier to gain weight than losing it. It’s not rocket science, you just need to change your approach slightly. However, in this case you most likely want to gain weight in the right places such as your butt, hips and thighs.

In this video you will learn 6 ways to gain weight the right way. Bear in mind that when taking on a weight gain campaign you must combine it with a effective workout to maximize the results.

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  1. Even though i eat A LOT i just wont Get bigger thighs. But now i have decited that i will eat/drink 700-1000 calories and Get bigger thighs because i can do it and so can you?

    Btw when did this become a motivational speach

  2. You guys should try subliminals for weight gain

  3. I hate having skinny legs and people saying i have no ass and just making me feel bad ab myself i hate having a large thigh gap i want thicker thighs , yall lmk some other tips its so hard for me to gain weight .

  4. Omg why do u care about geting a bit fatter thats not good u shouldnt want to get bigget thighs like u should want a guy to fall in love with u for who you are ?

  5. I’m underweight and I don’t even have a really high metabolism ?

  6. im tired of ppl saying im hella skinny and i look like a walking stick all my friends are thick abd everybody on my mama side are thick im hoping this help me a lot

  7. I do all these things already but I'm still very skinny (12 yrs old 75 lbs) what do i do?

  8. Fuck. I have like high metabolism and it's very hard for me to gain weight, why not make a video about decreasing metabolism????

  9. Not even exaggerating I eat meat every day of my life and my hips are real small and I'm skinny af

  10. I weight 30 kg At 13 years So i really need to gain weight because o have some medical problems and ist hard…

  11. i have high metabolism
    i'm 14 and weigh 80 pounds, i don't throw up after eating or anything, i eat alot
    i'm sick and tired of being called skinny, and "twig" so, any tips?

    please and thank you sm <3

  12. I want to get bigger thighs so i can get rid of my thigh gap because i don't like it..im tired of people calling me chicken legs..i really want to gain weight..especially my legs..pls help if u have any suggestions

  13. I don't get what's wrong with being Skinny? I mean unlike me, A person in the brink of being overweight would rather be underweight. Atleast you could fit in more clothes? Atleast you don't really have to worry in getting fat (Depends if you do though) I mean, i'd rather be called a stick, pretzel or anything than being called a pig.

  14. not father and I have been working

  15. I've struggled all my life with my weight . I'm already 32 years old and still struggling it is so hard I have a fast metabolism and I think genetics play a role .

  16. "Just eat" It's not that easy ?

  17. how do we do to gain weight on arms please ????

  18. the fat only goes to my bully cuz i have an apple chape and my ass is flat so how can i make my butt bigger

  19. At my school they call me skinny body ???

  20. i have skinny legs and i'm trying to get thicker in my theighs

  21. I eat and eat and eat and I never gain any weight I'm tired of being called a stick or a pretzel…ect none of these tips ever help me

  22. i like my tummy and arms chubby but my thighs and bottom arent as thick as i want , is this really going to help?

  23. Don't eat anything, just drink cereal

  24. Eating a lot at night will help as well. I used to be 117 and now I weigh 136. It took about a month. & also eating your 3 meals a day

  25. Yea if I gain weight it's gonna go all to my upper body. My body is so weird, my legs are toned and small and my upper body is fat and gross. I don't get it:(

  26. I am very skinny I'm 70 pounds

  27. I am losing weight and that scares me!!!! ???

  28. Question : if I eat a lot and gain weight and then workout my stomach would it make my lower body thick? Or do I have to work out my lower body as well

  29. fat just goes to my thighs not bum

  30. I'm trying to gain weight/muscle but it goes to my tummy 🙁

  31. and when I do eat alot it just goes to my stomach and not my legs and I don't know how to make it go to my whole body

  32. I'm way to skinny for my size and ya I do wanna get a lil chunky. I have skinny thighs, skinny stomach and small butt and I don't have a eating disorder but I just don't fell like eating at all

  33. eat late and sleep will help too

  34. Aren't only 300-500 calories a day bad for you ??

  35. I hate how people say "just eat" or "why do you need to gain weight" skinny girls like me can not gain weight like normal people. I'm 13 and I weigh 85 pounds, it's difficult for me to gain weight by eating regular. I hate it how I'm the "skinny" one with my friends. People say I don't eat, I'm anorexic, I need to eat more, I'm tiny, or I have skinny legs. I want to have body fat on me because I feel self conscious about my body. Hopefully this works for me and thanks for making this vid

  36. i want to gain weight and work out but i dont want to look like a body builder . any tips?

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