❤️ How To Get A Small Waist and Flat Stomach

There are so many variations of ab and waist workouts that can help to sculpt your dream body. That’s why in this video you will learn some more waist and ab moves that help to burn fat. Make sure to keep rest time no more than 30 seconds for maximum results.

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  1. this channel is awsome…i have tried many exercises and it really works in short time

  2. I'll try this for 1 whole week and see results hopefully

  3. I'm gonna start doing this and I'll keep uploading an results.
    And I'm not gonna do it today since I have headiche

  4. Okay I'm going to be updating this about everyday or few days! Please help remind me and stay encouraged! Thx <3

  5. When will i start seeing results?

  6. For how long do we have to do this to see the results please respond anyone !??♥♥♥

  7. How long do u have to wait for your results?

  8. This looks super challenging… but I'll be back in 2 weeks to let you know how it went. If you just watched this without doing it 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 . You're welcome go do the workout you can do it?

  9. Guys this really works. My sister has been doing it for a while. We've been always giving disappointing comments to her but she didn't care and right now she perfectly getting through it. She does this same exercise two days a week and she also do some other more and now she doesn't even feel any pain when doing it. So guys please this works just keep on moving and don't let anything let you down. All of you guys doing this exercise I wish you well and i know you r going to make it to your goals don't give up just keep doing it. peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Just from watching her I can already feel the burn 😀

  11. What if you do a weeks woeth of those in a day??

  12. can you post a video on how to track your calories without any apps? cause I'm from Indonesia and most apps don't have what I'm eating in their list. I eat what my mom give me so I don't really count my calories but it's starting to affect me so can you please post a video on counting calories?? pleaseeee thank you very much

  13. i will do this for 2 weeks and tell u guys my results. …..as long as i remember so i will right this on my calendar so i remember

  14. starting TODAY…trying to update often… current weight: 70.9 kg
    Btw,every monday and wednessday I have sports class, but it doesn't count
    day 1: it hurts,but it s worth it
    Took today off.
    day 2: still hurts; but not as bad
    Didn't exercise today, but I walked 7 kilometers. Yay
    day 3: current weight: 70 kg -starting to see results
    Took the next 2 days off
    day 4: hurts a Little less; but it feels like the second exercise is getting harder and harder everyday; starting to feel presure on the abdomen during exercise
    Took a few days off
    day 5: did IT before i went to bed. The next day my butt was hurting when i woke up idk why?
    Took a few days off
    day 6: It's becoming easier. Seeing results
    Took a week and a half off- lots of exams and stuff….
    day 7: now it doesn't hurt anymore.

    Bruhhh I'm not gonna keep updating :P. The point is,i did see and i still am seeing results, so i highly recommend it. Give up sweets and fast-food,drink lots of water and eat all 3 meals a day and girl, I am telling You, You will become a princess ??

  15. I'll start doing it today and I'll see the results in 3 weeks

  16. Here are some tips for you lovely girls/boys. To be motivated, think about your health and look at other people with beautiful bodies. Never feel down because you don't have a perfect body, because if you work hard you will reach your goal. Here are the tips.
    -Eat some healthy foods (Vegetables, Fruits, and etc.)
    -Stop eating when you AREN'T hungry. (If you do your stomach will just expand more, and you can save those foods for later)
    -Do not starve yourself! Starving your self is very unhealthy and it doesn't feel good. Just drink water and some foods
    -Go to the gym. If you don't have a gym then workout at home and use the internet.
    – If your body is sore rest for a day, if you body keeps getting sore that means your muscles can't handle it and the get strained
    -Make sure your positions in stretches/exercises are correct, your won't get results if you do it wrong.
    -Don't eat too much JUNK FOODS
    -Do not give up just because you ate a whole bunch of junk foods, just do some sets of exercises or at least 15x for each a day
    -If you want a bigger butt don't wear tight pants and get the right underwear that doesn't squeeze your hips
    -Always sit up straight and think positive, if you do this you'll be happy about yourself and be motivated
    -If your exercise seems boring and you CAN'T STAND IT, put on some motivating/peaceful music or your favorite songs.
    -Yoga is actually a big help, I call it sloth workouts but it actually helps the muscles get used to exercising
    -If you have a hard time with a type of workout just try your best. Doing it everyday will make it easier for you to do.
    -Always do stretches before exercising, you do not want to have pulled muscles!
    I hope these steps motivated you or helped. I am actually using all of these steps and it actually helps. I hope you guys are fighting for your goals and remember "Never give up!"

  17. Okay so I know everyone keeps saying this, but I'm really gonna do it. I started yesterday (4-12-17) and I'm gonna comeback in 2 or 1 week and update and I'm going to be updating on the thigh and hip video so stay tuned bc I really needed somebody like this.

  18. I'll probably try this

  19. im going to start today (3-5-17) and I'm going to update if I see any results 🙂 (plus I have PE at school so the results could possibly be faster for me )

  20. Are you working the same muscles if you do the plank raises on your elbows and forarm

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