❤️ How To Get Rid of Pimples | 4 Hacks To Remove Pimples OVERNIGHT!

Pimples is one of the most annoying realities of life, as it comes and goes whenever it feels like. Even if you’re trying your best to avoid factors that causes pimples, they still show up unwanted.

So in this video you will learn 4 hacks to get rid of pimples fast without buying any expensive pimple removal cream or gel. These methods are purely based on items you can get cheaply or most likely already have at home. So if your trying to get rid of pimples fast for that party or special event then video will be at your rescue.

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  1. Who’s the girl in your thumbnail? Oh my gosh she’s gorgeous

  2. do we have to use all 4 hacks or just 1 hack?cuz I was gonna use toothpaste hack

  3. If you have sensitive skin and put on too much toothpaste on your face it'll leave a scar that looks like you got burned and take months to go away…… this happened to me.


  5. Thank you, I will try that!
    Can you please also make a video about dry skin?

  6. do you have tips/hacks for oily nose and remove small pimples?

  7. Could u guys please do how to grow longer and thicker eyebrows?

  8. I love the video. Do you have any video about how to get rid of blackheads because that is my main problem right now

  9. Dark chocolate, and chocolate and pizza give me pimples ?

  10. can u do one of how to get rid of black heads???

  11. can u do tutorials on losing face fat and clear beautiful skin

  12. whats the girls name the one you used at the end of the video

  13. Are pimples and bumps are the same thing ?

  14. Have you done one about getting bigger hips?

  15. Can u do how to get big boobs in natural way:)

  16. you should do how to get rid of acne scars next

  17. +Femniqe wow great video ?? ….tomorrow is my birthday?

  18. +Femniqe wow great video ?? ….tomorrow is my birthday?

  19. don't use garlic if u have sensitive skin

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