❤️ How To Lose Hip Fat For Women | 4⚡️SUPER Charged Exercises To Lose Hip Fat Fast!

❤️ How To Lose Hip Fat For Women | 4⚡️SUPER Charged Exercises To Lose Hip Fat! (Best Hip Exercises)

Want to lose hip fat fast? This workout routine will help you achieve just that. For your true curves to show you must get rid of the excess fat.

This hip fat exercise is very intense, therefore you will feel the burn after. While you’re performing these hip fat workouts make sure that you do them slowly to ensure maximum burn.

  • How To Lose Hip Fat FAST For Women
  • how to lose hip fat in 1 week at home
  • how to lose hip fat for teenagers


  1. Is this to lose like that upper hip fat/ love handles/ muffin top or is this lieterally to get smaller hips?

  2. Will this make my hips smaller fast! I'm beyond self concious of my hips and I really just want them to be smaller

  3. Is this for bigger hips or make them smaller lol? Bcuz I'm tryna make them bigger lol

  4. How do I keep a nice butt, but still reduce hip fat? I also have naturally curvy hips from my mother so it's easy for weight to make its way to my hips.

  5. To be honest I love my hip fat I look good with it ??????

  6. I love this channel but can u start doing work outs for pple who r really fat it really don't work for me I did this 3 times can u do a work out for fat pple plz and thx u

  7. hello man ap koi asi excries batay his say butt or hip ka wight loss ho. plz reply me.

  8. Dropping that last 15 lbs of fat seemed like not possible challenge until I tested out the “fetching tuti space” (Google it). It was so easy to eliminate that unwanted fat once I got started!

  9. I'm about to start this. I'm hoping this work. I'm starting on Monday.

  10. they should start doing healthy food recipe

  11. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you so much, ill go and spam your ig now

  12. you guys just made my life! I store all of my body fat on my hips and they have to go !! lol thank you for the video ❤

  13. thank you so much ! You guys help me a lot i use to be really fat and now im not that fat . THANK YOU! ILY?

  14. yaaaa!! most of these exercises I can do in bed!!!???? Just kidding…..(maybe)

  15. exactly what I need ! now need to practice ! I will post my result in 1 week

  16. Can you do a full body workout

  17. Can u make a video on how to lose arm fat without any equipment & face fat please. Love ur videos ?

  18. I really felt the burn with this one, loved it!

  19. doesn't the fire hydrant exercise increas the size of the hips? that why i have been doing it

  20. how many times should you do this workout a week to see results , and how long does it also take to start seeing them ? ? great video !

  21. fabulous as always??look forward to doing these consistently ?

  22. Hey I love your videos! I was wondering if you could please make a video on how to get narrow shoulders. 🙂

  23. Do you have any video of how to lose an arm/armpit fat?

  24. Will this make my butt smaller?

  25. ooh that's so cool

  26. love ur channel a lot i have been using it since last year and really helped. you should do workout videos on hips butt thigh all in one video, core obliques and lower belly workout and also arm back chet shourlders workout and you should make a free 30 day challenge on your channel (like the challenges that keira lashae do on superherofitnesstv) keep the good work

  27. love your channel more butt workouts and love handles and no equipment arms☺☺☺???

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