❤️ Sexy Inner Thigh Workout For Women | Lose Inner Thigh Fat

In this video you will learn 4 workouts that target the inner thighs. So if you want to lose some fat from the inner thigh area or just want to get well toned lean thighs then this routine is perfect for you.

There are many variations inner thigh workouts, however these are very effective to get started. It’s best to the routine 3-4 times a week for maximum results. Try to keep rest time no longer than 30 seconds to maximize the burn for each session.

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  1. Does it make make your legs muscular or thinner

  2. Hi guys! I'll try this workout for 1 month and if I see any results I'll keep doing it. I will try to update you every 3 days or once a week.
    Day 1: I can feel the burn in my tights

  3. Would it burn inner thigh fat if I use ankle weights?

  4. Would it burn inner thigh fat if I use ankle weights?

  5. Would it burn inner thigh fat if I use ankle weights?

  6. will be doing this for 2 weeks!!
    day 1: done // felt a slight burn
    day 2: done // my legs are really sore from yesterday 🙁 • no visible difference yet
    day 3: done // legs still sore • i can see a slight difference, im so excited!! my inner thighs are getting a little more toned
    day 4: done // it's much easier to do the workout by now • no visible difference
    day 5: done // my legs feel way more toned already tbh, this is worth it so far,, it also got way easier!! • a slight difference from yesterday
    day 6: done • no visible difference from yesterday

  7. will this make my leg thinner or muscular?? cause i really want a thinner leg.. please help me answer

  8. I did it for the first time and I could literally feel the burn*.* I will do it 4 times the week and I will update you each week (PROMISE and not just saying it)

  9. Why do I only feel burn in the front of my thighs instead of in my inner thighs? Any tips?

  10. Question:How long are brakes suppose to be between sets?

  11. I will do this and check back every week I promise update nothing has really happened but imma keep doing it update it's been a month nothing has really happened

  12. Okk. I'm going to do this once everyday for 2 weeks. I might do addition exercises with ankle weights as well.Every week I'll post if there's any result, or something happened, all that good stuff. Im also doing an ab workout from here as well (maybe arms and hips a few times a week??)I'm mainly putting this comment here for motivation for me to actually do this. I'll also post my plan for after the 2 weeks. But I'm no newbie to working out, and I understand how to be safe about it. So wish me luck. First day today!

  13. I will be doing these exercises for the next couple of months and I will actually keep you guys updated. Im starting today and will be doing them at least 4x a week.

  14. How many calories I burn doing every single exercise?

  15. Hi i'll be doing this for about 4 weeks, 2 sets each for every exercise at night, and 1 day rest each week, i will come back with results and tell you what happened so far

  16. do i lose with these thigh muscle?

  17. Hi! A few weeks ago I pulled the muscle in my knee so these workouts are a bit painful and my pelvic bone clicks, can I do one rep of these per leg and get similar results?

  18. Are any kpopers here loosing weight for their bias?)

  19. I'm 20 , I'll be doing this everyday(every week from now on) and I will check back with you guys and give updates ! See you then ????

  20. Hello guys,i will try this 4 times a week and i will be back i promise ?

  21. Please, if you tried these exercises, tell me does they really work? If so, in how many weeks, can you notice the result and so on…
    because I tried so many programs, challanges with diet and I can't see results ?
    (sorry for my bad english, I'm from Bulgaria)

  22. hiii guys!!!
    Gotta try this one..
    Catch up for updates…

  23. If you do this 4 times a day for a week will I loose weight?

  24. starting today and trying this and other workouts updates soon

  25. By 2 sets each, 35 reps, does it mean you do each 35 times, twice, on each leg? So you'd end up doing 70 on your right leg and 70 on your left?

  26. I will try this for one week and check back in <3

  27. can u please do a workout for knock knees its a pain in the behind gaaaaaahhh

  28. @femniqe does this type of workout create muscular legs,I just want thinner legs,but I don't know what exercises to do.Can you suggest me what videos to watch?

  29. I'm like a size 0 in misses but it really irritates me that my thighs rub together so hopefully this helps

  30. Unlike other workout videos, I can actually feel the burn in these excersizes

  31. I don't like squats ,so it's a better option for me?

  32. hey there I'm 12 wondering I really need to lose a bit of thigh fat wondering if this workout is ok for me?

  33. hi Feminiqe! I've been doing 3 of your easy workouts for the last two weeks! I have seen crazy changes in my thighs! I always had a slim stomach but I haven't always been confident about my thighs! But thanks to you I don't have have to worry anymore! My parents don't really approve of me doing this only because I am 11. I do each workout one time everyday to speed up the process! Thank you so much! Keep up the great videos!

  34. Wͣhͣaͣtͣ hͣaͣpͣpͣeͣnͣ iͣfͣ iͣ dͣoͣ tͣhͣiͣsͣ dͣaͣiͣlͣyͣ ..?

  35. Maybe one of the best videos out there for tigh gap workout out thx

  36. Hello! Does this workout lose thigh fat?

  37. Thank you soooo much for your AWESOME videos,i have lost an inch or so doing your excerises,keep up the good work & thanks again

  38. Will I loose my thigh gab if I do these exercises? I hope you'll answer 🙂

  39. +Femniqe can a 12 year old girl do 4 workouts to get a tiny waist

  40. femniqe what does it mean by 3 sets , 25 reps

  41. Wait if u do this will your butt get bigger or smaller by loosing inner thing fat?

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