❤️Breast Lift: 4 Exercises to GROW & FIRM Your Breasts (Boobs Workout)

❤️Breast Lift: 4 Exercises to GROW & FIRM Your Breast (Boobs Workout). Want to firm and shape up your breasts? Start doing this routine. Its very easy to do and only require some dumbbells(Optional). When performing these breast lift workouts make sure that you’re in proper form and go slow. Add high estrogen foods to your diet as they will help also. Give a try, you will definitely feel the difference.


  1. how to reduce breast size, is thr any exercise.

  2. Has this worked for anyone? in the process of trying this

  3. I'm gonna try then I'll update

  4. please make a video with exercises for cellulite

  5. I love your videos! If you have the chance can you make a video on how to get rid of a chubby face? I'm skinny but I have a round and chubby face, and I want to find ways of losing the fat.


  7. Femnique, can you do exercises on how to be tall or strech our limbs or how to boost height please? Thank you!

  8. I will do this 3 times a week for a couple weeks (or a month if I notice results). As of right now I have A cups so idk, wish me luck tho

  9. I'm really excited to try this I'm going to do an update on it to see if it really works

  10. Would the side arm push-up and tilted push up help tone the tummy area too?

  11. Another great video ….thanks for the info

  12. Can you do a workout to strengthen calves?

  13. Does your chest really grow up? Or rather I say shit, and how much time do I have to do these exercises to see results ??? Please answer me i need them!!!!!!!

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  15. Notification Squad ROLL CALL!?

  16. can you please do like a thigh slimming workout I know you guys have some on your channel but I don't have a wooden floor for the workouts so if you could make than great!! Thanks in advance

  17. hagan un video para aumentar gluteos en casa

  18. but there is no muscle inside so How does it work?

  19. I needed this, mostly to make my breast more firm than bigger.
    Thank you~

  20. Why do u all want it bigger …trust me its annoying ??

  21. love your vids?
    lots of love frop belgium ??

  22. wow ! I needed this in my life ??

  23. first !!
    and love ur channel

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