❤️How To Get A Flat Stomach + Bigger Butt | 4 Workouts For Bigger Booty and Flat Belly!

❤️How To Get A Flat Stomach + Bigger Butt | 4 Workouts That Will Sculpt A Bigger Booty and Flat Belly! This workout plan will target your glutes and stomach. It’s a butt and ab semi-cardio workout routine that will sculpt a bigger butt and flat stomach. After you complete this routine make sure to do cardio for another 7 minute to increase your calorie burn. This will help to burn belly fat while building bigger glutes.


  1. will this workout really help me get bigger butt. I have flat bottom which I got from my fathers genes.

  2. I’m starting Tomorrow after school when I get finish with the workout I will update I will do the workout for about 30 min and imma add a little extra too it like run 5 laps and more and eat healthy And I will get back to y’all after school!

  3. I’m am chubby and fat and my but is flat and /a lil pump

  4. how long will it take for me to get a smaller waist , wider hips and a flat tummy, months weeks days years plz help

  5. You know what I'm going to say it I'm tired of these videos with titles like "how to get a big butt" and none of the girls actually have a "big butt" in the videos now look I'm not a YouTube scientists but why would anyone in there right mind take bigger butt tips from someone who barley has a ass themselves honestly ?

  6. I'm starting this today.. I'll keep you guys posted ?

  7. at first i though she was holding a pink dounut

  8. Im starting this today, 7/16/17! I'll come back and update every two days! I'll be doing this and cardio every other day switching them out. Wish meh luckkk!

    Edit: Ok sorry for not updating i forgot. But this has been working, I have noticed my stomach is slimmer and a bit more defined.

  9. I said to myself "im gonna workout and loose weight" and then i did this workout. Then after that i ate cake…….

  10. llevo 2 semanas, los resultados no hay cambios significativos, seguire con la rutina,❤?

  11. I'm gonna start today, I'll keep y'all updated

  12. these exercises deli or no place answer

  13. I gonna to update, people say that they are gonna update buth they don't

  14. I need to loose my pregnany fat … not easy lol

  15. Has anyone tried it and got results on their stomach AND butt ? Because I always thought that you can't work on both (getting a flat stomach and bigger butt) , because you can't choose where you lose weight, and you have to gain weight to build a bigger butt.

  16. good again need to get more of a shape thou.

  17. I'm going to keep you guys updated, I'm starting today. Please comment so I'll remember to update ??
    Day one: felt the burn which is good, wasn't too hard.
    Day two: same as day one.
    Day three: see no difference, exercises getting a little easier.
    Day four: seeing a little bit of a difference! Exercises way easier ?

  18. Iam going to try this today I will keep yall posted on the results

  19. hey can you do a video about streches particulary leg streches?❤

  20. I have had several knee surgeries what can i do exercise wise to tone my legs and butt? I also have a bad back ugh I'm a mess I need help please???

  21. You guys should make a workout app for the App Store

  22. Can you do a hamstring workout video?

  23. I love this! It's helping and it's fun 😀

  24. So when it says like 20 reps each 3 sets should I do 20 reps 1 side then 20 reps the other side and then even if out by doing 10 reps on both sides so it makes 20?

  25. Femniqe, can you please make a video on getting smaller thighs? Thanks.

  26. plzz make video on weight loss plzzzzz plzzzzzzz?

  27. OMG I love your videos although I do hope you could do more hip and thigh fat melted videos but still rock on femniqe

  28. I'm going to try this and update every week

  29. +feminique Can You combine 2 workouts from this channel and do one each day? (and like work every day but one time for ex: hips and burning abdomen fat and one day for ex: bust- wich is easier.) Please Tell me of this is healthy pe not, I would rlly apreciate it. Thx!
    ps: u r channel is amazing ❤ keep doing your thing ❤

  30. I literally just bought a packet of Oreos rn why am I like this

  31. does this really work? who tried it ?

  32. omg the best channel <3 love you <3 but i have one request : how to make butts smaller 🙂

  33. Do high knee runs help with getting a bigger but or getting a flatter stomach?

  34. These exercises are all super helpful, but as a PSA to everyone: If you want to actually build your butt, you have to lift heavy, so it's important that you put weight on these exercises however possible. Anyone who doesn't have access to dumbells or barbells, I would recommend filling up two milk hugs with sand or something.

  35. can u please tell some of the exercises to reduce breast size

  36. I just need fat on my hips and butt, but it skips that part and goes to my thighs

  37. I love your videos so much & i don't know which workout should I do first haha

  38. OK what if you have a considerably big belly? Should cardio be added before or after this? Please help! Need a plan

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