❤️How To Get An Hourglass Figure Naturally | 4 Hourglass Figure Exercises For Sexy Curves!

Here is another hourglass figure exercise routine that you can do to bring out your true curves. Each exercise target more than area of your body for maximum burn. If you have excess fat make sure to do cardio combined with this hourglass workout routine.

But if you’re very thin and want build a hourglass figure then you have to increase your calorie intake of healthy protein and carbs to gain muscle right areas that will form your curves.


  1. I’m going to be starting these today! So I will update you guys in 3 weeks! Wish me luck ❤️

  2. My body shape is a pear, so I need to wider the top of my body!

  3. So, ok. I will be ATTEMPTING this. I am pretty skinny, i have a little waist but im lacking in the thigh and butt part. Ill try to keep this up for the rest pf the month of December.
    (Starting December 3rd) and trying to do these exercises 3 to 5 times a week.

    Ill TRY to keep you all posted if i remember!???

  4. Xd why am i here i have a natural curly body

  5. Ok, I'm really trying to achieve a pretty, skinny, curvy hourglass shape. I am going vegetarian for a week and I will do these exercises 2-3 times a week. I won't be going vegetarian for a long time but I'll do these exercises twice a week for a month starting tomorrow! I'll leave updates each week!!

    Week 1-
    Week 2-
    Week 3-

  6. i know people say like 'ill do this for how many weeks and ill keep you updated' never come back with results. lmao.

  7. Please can someone reply to me.. are all these strength training exercises ?

  8. Starting tomorrow I will start these exercises for 3 weeks to see my results, stay tuned ! ?

  9. I'm going to start this, I'll come back every 2 weeks with updates, wish me good luck

  10. I’m so fucking confused what is 3 sets and give me the easy way

  11. Is it bad that I am watching this while eating popcorn? :p

  12. does this really work

  13. what means that sets and reps ??

  14. I'm going to try these…updates after 2 weeks…promise?

  15. 3 sets each leg or??? why do 3 sets? I need to even that shit out

  16. Can i do this in the morning and night 4 times a week? Or is that too much?

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