❤️How To Get Bigger Hips and Buttocks Fast | 3 Exercises For Wider Hips and Bigger Booty!

❤️How To Get Bigger Hips and Buttocks Fast | 4 Exercises For Wider Hips and Booty! This workout routine will target your hips and buttock area and also sculpt your natural curves. If you want get bigger hips and buttocks then doing this routine alone will not help as your diet has to be on point as well. Make sure there’s enough protein, fiber and vegetables in your diet to support your muscles’ growth. So do this 3-4 times a week for maximum results. Do not rush through the workouts, take your time and perform them slowly to feel the intensity.

Now give it a try to start sculpt your lower booty and hips.


  1. I was doing the tabletop kick and kept hearing a pop every single time I did it with my right leg

  2. will these make your legs bulky or thick because i dont want that, but i still want wide hips

  3. these moves wont make you thighs bigger right?

  4. Dosen't the two last exercise work for stomach as well??

  5. can you guys post gym workouts we can do 4 lower body and upper body? becuz I just started lifting sum weight and I wanted 2 c more exercises I can do with an amount of sets 2 do at the gym

  6. can you do full daily routine for those of us are beginner or dont know where to start?? like 7 days or month routine??

  7. Thanks! This was uploaded on my birthday.

  8. Omg, you guys used sommerray for the opening pic. She is my ultimate fitness inspiration

  9. Does 3 sets of 25 mean 75 with 2 breaks per leg or 75 with 2 breaks in all

  10. Can you do a workout for a muffin top that are slimming and aren't too difficult??!

  11. thx ! i was already watching some of ur other vids and ima try them cause i really want a good looking body.Can you so a video for getting rid of a wide body?

  12. does anyone know the shoes she's wearing ??

  13. This is honestly the best channel ever

  14. beautiful! !!I gotta get to work!!!! That's what I'm trying to achieve! !!

  15. trust me…these exercises work! yaasss ma'am

  16. Can u make a video on bigger calves for people with skinny legs?

  17. Yay you should've seen how fast I click when I been notified! I'm so going try these plus these 2 exercise I never seen OMG SOMETHING TELLING ME I'LL BE FEELING THE BURN WITH THEM!

  18. feminique Is amazing you guys deserve so much subscribers?? also wanted to say I did your thigh exercise for slim thighs and yay after one month I have slim thighs saw changes after two weeks also can you make how to get big booty without building big legs??

  19. I'll do the first two moves but the last move, it's not happenin???

  20. I couldn't wait for this video❤❤❤
    thank you so much for uploading it❤❤These workouts have helped me achieve a body that I couldn't even imagine that i could have..???
    please upload more videos about getting a smaller waist,bigger hips and butt and getting more curvy❤❤

  21. im doing the "get bigger hips" one, it works amazing! After one week my hips are really curvy! So happy! i am gonna keep on doing it, thanks guys for your videos i really appreciate it! ❤️

  22. im doing the "get bigger hips" one, it works amazing! After one week my hips have gotten sooo curvy! So happy! gonna keep on doing it, thanks guys for your videos i really appreciate it! ❤️

  23. It looks easy, HAHA but it's hard as fuck I'm sweating like a balls so lit ?????

  24. hummm never seen the last 2 exercises before ? tfs

  25. I love your videos.I'm gonna try and update

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