❤ Tammy Taylor Nails Presents Yvett Evening Snowfall Nail Design

Products needed:

Flawless Foundation
• Royal Palace (light violet)
• All I Want is Diamonds (white holographic dazzle rocks gel)

• Mirror Mirror (dazzle dust)
White gel art paint for the Snowflakes
• Flawless Finish
• Clean-It and a Wipe-It


  1. So beautiful! And in time for the holidays ???????????

  2. Just what I needed, nice and simple but stunning thank you ???

  3. C'est magnifique ! Vous êtes vraiment très sympathique toutes les deux, merci pour cette vidéo.

  4. Beautiful thanks for sharing love.?

  5. amo ???? sou aqui do Brasil love tammy

  6. First comment? me 2 love everything about nails? your work and your guest??

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