1-STROKE French Tip Nail Art Brush! Does it REALLY work?

Today we will be reviewing the 1-stroke nail art brush that we found on Amazon! It looked like a really fantastic and convenient product. Who wouldn’t want to be able to create perfect french tips on their nails just by using this curved nail art brush? We decided to put it to the test to see if it really does what it claims to do!


Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

CutePolish has recently expanded to include 3 more of the internet’s top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, and Miri have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every Monday.


  1. Let us try it before you buy it! ??
    What product should we try next? ???

  2. Thank you so much for your very honest review!!?xo

  3. I bought mine from Aliexpress and I start painting the corners first and leave the middle part for the last part.

  4. very irritating when the finger strokes the bristles side to side

  5. Okay this isn't a very good brush, however, there is another brush that dosent give you those curved lines on the edges. There's another brush called "smile brush" from clearjellystamped.com I recommend you trying that one instead! (it was used by yagala)

  6. Maybe it only works on square shape nails ?‍♀️

  7. This reminds me of grav3yardgirl with DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK?!

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  9. I have that brush no luck for me, I cut it and used it for a clean up brush.

  10. you should do a stranger things nail design!!!

  11. Do they make these in different sizes?

  12. Ooh !! this brush is so cool !! Good job Hannah

  13. Can u try velvet flocking powder

  14. What type of brush do you use to clean the French line??? Where can I buy it?

  15. That's too much work
    I love my tape lol?

  16. Exactly what I wanted! Was thinking if I should try it or not, now definitely not buying this brush 🙂 thanks

  17. I tried it……….once. Now it sits in my tool box

  18. I bought one tried it and tossed it ….

  19. Maybe it works better pointing straight up, as the shape would match the hill shape of a nail. And when it spreads it would go to the edges that way.

  20. As Laura Lee would say it: "GIMMICKY" lol

  21. Yup i have this brush and it didnt work well at all either… Watched this vid hoping you figired out the secret to makig it work haha but yeah certainly easier just using normal brush or even a dotting tool with gel polish

  22. I can't see well with a white background, white polish and all the brightness ! Please consider this next time 🙂

  23. OMG Thank you so much for reviewing this Hannah. I was really wondering about this brush. Yeah it would be really helpful if it came in different sizes. Love you! xoxoxo! <3<3

  24. I have the brush, works great for me.

  25. Muy bello. gracias por enseñarnos??????

  26. Maybe, it didn’t work because your thumb is wide because I used it and it worked.

  27. They do have these brushes in dufferent sizes for various sized nails. ☺

  28. Of course it does not work, is just logic.

  29. “Does this thing really works?”

  30. ☺️ thanks for sharing! I always love your vids

  31. This was so satisfying to watch! ?

  32. I grabbed one of these on wish and glad it was only a buck cuz it was crap. I use it to dust off powder now. I also have one of the plates that has a bunch of French tip stamps on it and it works pretty well.

  33. I've seen this brush few times. I thought I'd buy it but never did. As you Hannah said it, it's too small and it should come with different sizes, but it's nice idea tho 🙂 For video ideas how about glow in the dark nail polish? It's not a product but how about mani swap, where you try to recreate each others nail art? 🙂


  35. I've seen the same brush but it's only half. So you do one stroke on one side, then flip the brush and do the other side. I think I saw Yagala use it. It looks a lot more useful and easy.

  36. Good info & helpful video. Thanks!


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