1 Summer Romper 3 Ways to Wear it

Here’s how to wear one summer romper 3 different ways! I hope you enjoy my first fashion video. For years I’ve been trying to get brave enough to film some fashion videos. I hope you enjoy this one! These outfits are great for every day, summer bbqs, a day or night out, whatever! I always love to find ways to wear one piece a bunch of different ways; I hope you enjoy this little ootd / lookbook!

Detail on clothes like the ones in my video:


  1. Those red shoes were waaayyy too big omg

  2. ur tooo cute n ur dress too??

  3. Hey there Kayley! I'm a huge fan! I thought maybe you could make a video on foods that are good and foods that are bad for your hair, and how you like to eat them! Love Jasmine.

  4. Oh my gosh yes!!! Please more fashion videos! My fashion illiterate self would be soo grateful ☺️☺️

  5. kayley I love your videos and I love your clothes … you have a girly bubble style and I will love watch more videos like this… Unfortunately here in Brazil is winter so I cannot use this styles haha…

  6. Ok, Kayley,you need to do a another fashion/accessory video because need some tips to keep all my jewelry fresh and new. I seem to always be waring the same necklaces and accesories. How do I need keep it new and trendy??

  7. This would be perfect for the fourth or July ?

  8. Keep going with your non-hair related videos, I love everything that comes from you!!!! <3

  9. Love this! Please do more fashion videos please. Absolutely loving your style. <3

  10. You chose the perfect romper for this video, very pretty ? do more fashion videos, I could be nice ?

  11. you should make more videos like this one love it ???

  12. I loved this! Love each of the styling. ? You should definitely do more.

  13. do more fashion videos !!! ????

  14. Pretty and all but summers get too real where I live I would just roast myself If I wore a jacket or something longer than 3/4 sleeves on it! But hey, effort appreciated it!

  15. Awesome video, you look so cute in all the styles!! Can I ask you for some bridal hair tutorials please?? I am getting married next year, and I always do one of your tutorials for my events, and I want to do the same on my wedding day!! I really like original and different styles, but I can't find a hairstyle that I like for that day!! Thank you in advance! Kisses from Spain


  17. Best. YouTuber. Nothing else has to be said

  18. they are all awesome don't get me wrong!

  19. unfortunately I can't wear rompers.

  20. I'm so excited for more styling videos. It's great you're breaking into fashion!

  21. you look like polly from riverdale !!!!

  22. so cool that you got to work with NordstromRack! I love shopping there! love your style, would love to see more fashion videos or lookbooks in the future on your channel Kayley!

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