1 Week of Bun Hairstyles – Hair Tutorial!

Here we go guys 1 week of bun hairstyles! This hair tutorial covers 7 easy hair styles for every day of the week!

Btw I’m just playing around with a new backdrop, it’s not permanent 🙂

I know for many of you it’s so much easier to wear your hair up. Or, maybe your work makes you keep your hair in an updo. Hopefully this hairstyle how to gives you some inspiration! Obviously, I had to throw some braids in there. What would a Kayley Melissa video be without some braided hairstyles. These are all quick and fast enough for school (back to school coming up!), office, or just a lazy day. Hope you enjoy!

What I used:

  • Floral Headband
  • Scunci Cuff: I couldn’t find it online, but according to their Instagram, you can get them at walgreens! 🙂 

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Monday:
    Dress: Threadsence
  • Tuesday:
    Dress: Threadsence
  • Wednesday:
    Shirt: Asos
    Choker: Asos
  • Thursday:
    Shirt: J Crew
    Choker: Asos
  • Friday:
    Tank: Asos
    Necklace: Asos
  • Saturday:
    Shirt: Fabletics
    Cuff: Scuncci
  • Sunday:
    Shirt: Storets


  1. Lindos penteados ❤❤

  2. Kayley: They take less than 10 minutes.
    Takes me 1 hr

  3. How come whenever I Dutch braid(inside out braid) it never ends up on top of my head

  4. Why does she look like an actual goddess

  5. My favourite is Thursday but I have to 2 braids for it to work ?

  6. I tried Thursday and it looked really cute

  7. I just love watching your hair tutorials

  8. Omg any other people talking french thought it was funny when she said "chignon"? So cute?

  9. She was talking about the nineties but she looks 18

  10. Kayley just discovered your videos and u r awesome!!!!☮️?

  11. You are really good with fanning ur braids?

  12. You make it all look so effortless ?

  13. Your voice is soothing I feel all my anger at my sibling just wash away, thank you ☺

  14. You should do Octavia's braid from the TV series The 100!!!
    I would totally do it!!!

  15. I wanted to do this….
    I wanted to go to sleep…
    I wanted to take a shower…
    I wanted to clean my room…

  16. i heard that teasing is "is most definitely harmful to hair"


  18. Honestly these videos piss me off even tho I subbed because I cant do any of them with my hair because I have so many baby hairs. Like I have an insane amount of baby hairs all over my head so I cant even put my hair into a freaking ponytail.

  19. I cannot for the life of me do a messy bun without looking like a crazy person…

  20. Yeeeees! How am I just now seeing this?

  21. A DUTCH braid is what you are doing. I don't know if you knew that?

  22. I love the Sunday look from this video! And I love your channel! I'm getting married in September and I want to do my own make up–I'd love to see a wedding make-up video from you! It would be great to have some tips on how to look fresh and natural, but also look good in pictures. Thank you!!

  23. When she says that's it for the hairstyle I feel depressed

  24. I really wanted to learn this, but I watched many times and still don't get how to tie the bun!

  25. i tried the thursday hairstyle and it looks awesome and super easy

  26. These buns are so beautiful!! I love your style

  27. where is the headband from the first look from???

  28. I love all of these hairstyles but the idea of doing a frenchbraid on myself stresses me out lol

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