1. try flaxseed gel!! i love itttt.

  2. I had to sub when you said "in Miami" the 954 gotta support the 305

  3. You put me on to BellaNoir! I bought the magic oil illuminating oil, mango body butter, sugar scrub and face cream and my skin is sooo soft! And I just glow!!!!! A Rep of the company actually contacted me directly due to a small shipping error! This company is black owned and they really care about their customers! When I received my package, it even contained an extra product as well as a personalized note. This is the type of company we should be supporting!! Also Great Video as usual LOL (Lots of Love)

  4. If you need a lower cost alternative to the Murad sunscreen, try Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. I used to use the regular one from them but this new one is now my favorite for my face.

  5. hit me up in my email…Venessahewitt16 @gmail.com and tell me some products for my face

  6. I wanna try everything lol. Tnx Kaice! You look amazing btw.


  8. You look extremely beautiful!

  9. I need to try aloe on my face. My hair loves it. Buuuutttt what lippie is that? Lol

  10. Obsessed with your skin and body care videos, keep those recommendations coming!

  11. Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard is the bomb ✨ It’s the only product I have from this video Lool
    You look amazing as per always ?

  12. Do you ever use any type of oil on your hair?

  13. Thanks so much for responding so quickly. I’ll be looking out for the notification that you’ve uploaded a short hair tutorial.
    Be blessed and thank you again.

  14. I LOVE your videos . Thanks for sharing. I really can't keep up with the products you use but I love watching . Hope I get there one day .

  15. Omg your short do really fits your face?? always love your videos

  16. I don't think you have any idea how much I ❤ you

  17. You are just glowing, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!! ❤

  18. you look sooo beautiful and confident to me .. YOU ALWAYS DID BUT I LOVE THE NEW LOOK . Your face stands out and your skin .

  19. That blush you’re wearing is popping!

  20. Thanks for the suggestions. Now, can we get a tutorial on this hair look? PLEASE! I have very short natural and am looking for new hair styling products.
    You look absolutely gorgeous. The short hair is flattering on you. Your skin looks flawless too.
    Thank you

  21. I love your top ?! Where did you buy it ?

  22. Very informative, but where did you buy these products? Some were mentioned, some not. Thank you.

  23. Love this video ?? SN: Where’s your shirt from?

  24. Great video. Thanks for sharing you favs. I will be checking out a few of them so thanks for making me spend more money and getting more products….lol?❤

  25. The Aunt Jessie products are the bomb, looks like a texturizer

  26. You are gorgeous!!?❤️

  27. Girlllll you make me want to chop my hair off!!!!this cut is YOU!!!You look absolutely beautiful!

  28. I got the same pumice foot scrub. One thing I noticed wit it is that it goes very fast. It seem like wen it get wet it become a lil mushy n wen I use it on my feet n it….I can't xplain it but I used it twice bcuz it seem to go fast like quick sand

  29. I just kept staring at damn titties the whole damn time. Oops. ?

  30. Hav u tried purashing a potted aloe vera? That we it can grow n grow n u don't have to keep buying them

  31. Ur black hair makes ur complexion pop?

  32. Yassss almost 150k!! Ok now that is almost out the way. . Kum on 200K LETS GET IT???

  33. hiiiiii kaice love you and your channel so much❤?

  34. Beautiful and I love this color pink on you and the black hair!!!

  35. I loved your hair before but your short hair is bombbbbbb ???

  36. Girl you pulling out these skin care products and I'm just thinking "sis you got moneeeyyyyyyyyy" LMAO

  37. I just chopped all of my hair off, I suggest you to also try Paul Mitchel Foaming Pommade, love it. And your hair is bomb. Can't wait to see how you do your twa. ??

  38. From your night care routine video I've been using aloe plant for my face and when I tell you it cleared up so well, my holy grail

  39. How do you store the leftover aloe?

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