10 DIY Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS! | The Ultimate Guide #3

Top YouTube DIY nail art designs to do when bored! In this DIY nail art tutorial we will be showing you the best YouTube DIY nail art ideas and simple household item hacks that are perfect for girls, kids, teenagers, and beginners. Looking for that perfect DIY nail art design to do when you’re bored? These 10 easy DIY YouTube nail art designs are so easy to do because they don’t require any professional nail art tools – just items you can find around your household! Score!

Tie Dye Marble Nail Art Design – Who doesn’t love an easy marble nail art design that’s perfect for summer? It’s simple and easy to do. Just place some blobs of your favorite color nail polishes and the press plastic wrap over the nail art design! All done! This is such an easy and cool DIY nail art design. You can even add a little sticker on top if you’d like.

Leopard Print Nail Art Design – Animal print nails are a classic DIY nail art design! You can do this one without a dotting tool or a nail art brush. All you need is a black sharpie marker! This nail art hack really saves you time because drawing on the leopard spots is so much easier than if you were using nail polish. Your hands will be more steady too!

3D Strawberry Nail Art Design – This DIY nail hack will have your strawberry nail art design looking totally juicy and real! After applying your red nail polish and matte top coat, you can grab a toothpick and push it into your nail art design to create a 3D nail art effect for the strawberry seeds. So cool! This DIY nail art design and hack is absolutely perfect for kids and teenagers when they’re bored during the summer.

3D Pineapple Nail Art Design – This DIY nail design uses the same nail hack as the last one. Except this time we’ll be using a dental flosser to DIY the criss-cross pattern of the fruit. Just press your dental flosser into the almost dried nail polish and your nail art design will have a super cool 3D effect! Amazing!

Perfect Half Moon Nail Art Design – This nail art design is perfect for those of you who are in love with holo glitter! Just place a garage sale sticker or a paper reinforcement sticker onto your nail to create a half moon shape and then add holographic glitter over your nail. Remove the sticker and you just created a super easy DIY half moon mani. This design is great for parties!

Turquoise Stone Nail Art Design – DIY stone and marble nail art designs are SO popular! With this design, we’re showing you how to create a turquoise stone pattern just by using plastic wrap. This DIY nail art design is so easy that’s it’s perfect for beginners!

Fluffy Cloud Nail Art Design – This nail art design is another super easy one that’s absolutely perfect for beginners. Paint your nail with a sky blue nail polish and then tap on some white nail polish using a cotton swab / q-tip. This will give your fluffy clouds an amazing texture! A really fun DIY nail art design for kids, girls, and teenagers to do on a summer day.

Rainbow Swirl Nail Art Design – This nail art design uses the drag marble hack to create a super fun and brightly coloured manicure. Blob on your favorite nail polishes and swirl them around with a pin! Perfect! A super easy DIY.

DIY Star Sticker Decals – Create some really simple drag stars using white polish and a toothpick on a sandwich bag. Leave them to dry, peel them off, and then place them over your nails! This is an awesome nail hack to create some really easy DIY nail designs at home.

Watercolor Floral Nail Art Design – This DIY nail art print is so beautiful. All you need is some coloured sharpies and rubbing alcohol to give your nail art design a really pretty watercolor effect!

We hope you found these 10 YouTube DIY Nail Art Designs really helpful and that you will give them a try! You guys wanted to see more nail art designs without the use of professional tools – so this is what we came up with. Enjoy! 🙂


    • Maxus ‘Base Coat’
    • Indigo ‘Mr. white’
    • Londontown Lakur ‘Fruit Tella’
    • Londontown Lakur ‘Jack of the Union’
    • Indigo ‘Black’
    • Shany ‘#18’ Rose Collection
    • Shany ‘#149’ Funky Collection
    • Sinful Colors ‘Yolo Yellow’
    • Salon Perfect ‘Tropical Hideaway’
    • NCLA ‘Crystal Ball’
    • Artistic Colour ‘Enchanted Beauty’
    • Zoya ‘Wednesday’

  • P2 Techno Chrome ‘Golden Edge’
  • Kbshimmer ‘Oh Matte’ Top Coat
  • Kbshimmer ‘Clearly On Top’ Top Coat
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Sharpies
  • Toothpick
  • Floss Pick
  • Garage Sale Labels
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Straight Pin
  • Plastic Bag
  • Isopropyl Alcohol ( I used 70% but any high percent works)