10 Easy Easter Nail Art Designs: The Ultimate Guide!

This was the first time that we made an Ultimate Guide for Easter Nail Art here on CutePolish, so we are super excited to share it with you guys! Juli has 10 cute and easy nail art designs that are perfect for Easter.


  • Kbshimmer ‘Fillin Groovy’ Base Coat
  • Indigo ‘White’
  • Indigo ‘Black’
  • Essie ‘Orange, It’s Obvious’
  • Kbshimmer ‘For Fox Sake’
  • Essie ‘First Timer’
  • Floss Gloss ‘95% Angel’
  • Sinful colors ‘Yollo Yellow’
  • Londontown Lakur ‘Jack of the Union’
  • Indigo ‘Beach, Please’
  • I Scream Nails ‘Bubblegum Bang’


  • White Nail Art Striping Polish
  • Black Nail Art Striping Polish
  • Winstonia Striping Brush
  • Dotting Tools
  • Eyebrow Brush for Speckle

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

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