Hey guys! In this video I show you how to create 10 easy heatless hairstyles for back to school! These take less than 5 minutes to do and require no hot tools so perfect for those days when you’re running late!


  1. Hey my lovelies! did you enjoy today's video? I haven't done a hair tutorial in a LONG TIME so I hope you guys find it helpful! Let me know which one was your favourite!

  2. Thank you so much for filming this!! It really helped me out as I usually struggle with what hairstyle I should have. Also you’re so pretty and I love your hair!! ♥️♥️♥️

  3. So I am new to the channel it I love it sooo much ??? your soo pretty and creative

  4. I remember how I’ve found your YouTube channel from your first hairstyle videos?

  5. OMG I'm obsessed with your hair?

  6. Can you do hairstyles for curly hair?and I mean curly not wavy ?

  7. Your hair looks great in this video ?

  8. I love your hair tutorials, they are my fav ❤️

  9. Honey, Only you look cute in these hairstyles. It's like even if you shaved your head you would still look cute. You are sooooooo beautiful.

  10. OUIUU MORE BACK TO SCHOOL VIDEOS YASS! I love this video ur hair omg wow??IM SO JEALOUS! Its my birthday today and i want u to know that You inspire me every day to grow and i know i keep saying this but i hope u read this and i really hope my channel will be as big as yours one dayy?

  11. Omg!You are so beautiful and your hair is soooo gorgeous and so healthy?I tried all of these hairstyles and they look beautiful?

  12. The love the hairstyles and I will use it

  13. I love your hair videos! They’re always so different but sooo easy!! You 100% taught me how to do Dutch braids about 2/3 years ago and I’ve been doing them ever since! ??

  14. The second was my favorite by far!

  15. Hello Roxi! This video was so helpful I love all the braided looks thank you very much! 🙂

  16. why r u so fucking pretty? I can'ttttt, u are almost perfecttt♥

  17. They’re so cute omg just in time tyyy

  18. I have to go to school tomorrow and these hairstyles are so pretty and helpful??

  19. I love all your hairstyles. Your skin is flawless. Your tan is so great. Your face is one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen. Your makeup is so pretty. Your lips are so sexy. Your lipstick is so great.Your eyes are so pretty. You are so perfect. Nice shirt. Great video. You should model.

  20. Clicked straight away these are my favourite videos!! ❤️

  21. Personal Favourites are #1 and the loop ponytail 😀 Love all your videos ! xxx

  22. Definitely gonna be trying all these..really helpful..thanks roxxxy..lysm

  23. Oh gosh Roxi – thank you so much for this hair tutorial – I was missing these videos so much – you are so lucky to have this beautiful hair cause if I am trying any of these hairstyles on my hair it will never look as pretty as yours

  24. "Heatless" hairstyles – starting video with waved hair already… -,-"

  25. I just recently cut my hair short and this makes me miss my long hair…..

  26. Waw it is cute?♥️I love ❤️

  27. His roxy how are you skinny can you do like a workout for lazy ppl or something because I dance and do a workout every night and I don't loose weight I eat healthily too x

  28. What a beautiful and gorgeous video like always

  29. Plss do a night or morning season routine I really enjoy those kind of videos ??❤️❤️ I wld really appreciate if u wld take my suggestion ♥️♥️♥️ n lots of love to u from India?♥️♥️♥️

  30. Please do more hair videos they are my favs xox ilysm

  31. I’m probably still just going to end up doing a ponytail everyday ?.

  32. Me: I'll just do a half do…

    (I always do a half do or a ponytail)?

  33. It's rare that i pick the like button without see the video complete? ?????

  34. I needed this so much ! Tysm ??

  35. I needed this !!! I’m going back on Wednesday year 8 here I come ?

  36. How do u get your hair so smooth can you do a hair routin n products like if agree

  37. so jealous of your hair!! <3 Beautiful hairstyles will be trying these

  38. ??????????????????????????????????

  39. you look sooo much better in dark hair

  40. please do a hair care vid your hair is so nice! x

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