10 Easy Pigtails You’ll Love!!

These hairstyles will change your mind about pigtails! Comment and tell me which is your favorite!

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Love you guys!


  1. Compliment: you always look positive!

  2. you are cute and hairstyles alsoooo i love it

  3. Cute, but I have dark hair. You can't really see the beautiful hairdos

  4. My hair is dark so…..people cant really see the braid.

  5. When I first saw you, I was like:"Damn, you are pretty!"

  6. She must wear her hair differently everyday of the year…?

  7. She reminds me of Bridgit Mendler

  8. thanks this will look so cute on me

  9. My hair is too short but I can still put pigtails in it's just goes to the back near my shoulders not the front like your pretty hair

  10. omg thank you so much I usually don't do pigtails because I feel too big for them. but I did these hairsyles andn i feel more mature !♡

  11. So cute! I do the low braids a LOT so now I can add some pizazz to them! 🙂

  12. excellent options for hairstyles, I really like, very light and easy to wear!

  13. I like the messy bun one, and I think for anyone going for he cute look, wrapping it with a little ribbon to coordinate with your outfit really "ties" the outfit together ? #RibbonPuns

  14. Is it just me who doesn't like voluminous hair? I'm Chinese and I have thick, black hair which makes it hard to handle. I go to sleep in a ponytail if not I'll wake up like I lived in a cave for 10 years. I also prefer 2 day old hair than newly washed hair. Of course yeah newly washed hair is refreshing but when I put my hair up in a pony I have all the curly stray voluminous hairs flying over my face. 2 or 3 day old hair has the oils to make it stay.

  15. Kailey how did your rap your hair on the elastic?

  16. I love pig tales! I just love how they have pigs in the story but this wasnt what I was expecting I mean there's no pigs ??

  17. 0.0 she looks like Sara from sarabeautycorner

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