10 Everything Red Gel Polishes and Acrylic Nail Demos

“I am so excited to demonstrate for you the Everything Red Gelegance gel polishes: Night To Remember- Dark Brown Burgundy, Ladies Night- Red Burgundy, Dancin’ Queen- Rose Burgundy, All Dressed Up- Red Burgundy w/ Shimmer, Sea of Roses- True Red, Red Balloon- Orange Red, Ruby Ring- Pink Red Opalescent,
Red Velvet-Dark Red w/ Shimmer, Lavish- Bordeaux and Velveteen- Deep Brick Red.

These 10 reds are part of my core line that is available year round. Gelegance gel polishes are the easiest to apply, extremely smooth, highly pigmented, most durable gel polishes you will ever use.
And they are not finicky, what you see going into the lamp is what you see coming out of the lamp. Never any pull back or wrinkling and always shiny.
I will be applying the Everything Red gel polishes over acrylic nails, so I will also be demonstrating a Dramatic Pink Acrylic Full Sculptured Nail.”

Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor 


  1. Your artistry is pure perfection! Question, when applying gel polish over acrylic and/or dip powder nails, would you lightly file the nails before application or leave them smooth?

  2. Tammy, you're so precise and amazing at doing nails and painting them. I can watch you do this all dang day. Love it! Also loved all those reds. Gorgeous

  3. Absolutely Love these Colors.
    ? ? ❤ ? ?

  4. Love your work. Where are you located? Wish you were in NYC

  5. I love your irish collection

  6. My top three faves: ruby red, red velvet and velveteen.

  7. This is how I remember nails done in the 1970s. So beautiful and natural. I'd love to find someone close to home to do mine.

  8. WOW. The things Women go through to Look Wonderful. It's Tiring Just Watching..

  9. do you have to have acrylic on to use these? or can they be used on the natural nails aswell?

  10. Well I've finally found the best nail tech. Your videos are the most informative and professional. Not to mention the most beautiful nails on you tube. Seriously.

  11. So soothing to watch! Exquisite colors!

  12. I love how you do nails but I personally prefer haveing them be wide across and square. I wish you would open up a salon in the Culver City area or West LA area because I would love to come and have my nails done at your salon but your way to far for me to travel to

  13. i want to purchase a big lot for my salon, is there anyway i can personlly reach you to assure the safe shippment of my products

  14. I want Emile so I can communicate with you this will be the best

  15. Where to buy these products?

  16. Los colores son hermosos y muy combinables…..divinos.

  17. Fantástico, los tutoriales son muy buenos,…. Gracias Tammy Taylor…..Aprendo mucho,…. Te admiro.

  18. What color acrylic did you use here?? Loved everything!

  19. stunning and sexy
    loved all colours

  20. I watch your videos for relaxation. Such a positive energy and a great relaxing voice.

  21. How do you make it look so easy.???

  22. loved every color but the deep ones are my fav.

  23. is the acrylic you are using in this video natural or clear

  24. All gorgeous colors but the darker one's are so me x

  25. Velveteen is by far my favorite. So pretty!

  26. Beautiful Colors, The Tammy Taylor Line Is Gorgeous! 🙂

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