• ►Mielle Organics Pom & Honey Collection
  • ►Ouidad Silky Souflee
  • ►Ouidad Hi-Defining Gel
  • ►Form Beauty Revive Conditioner
  • ►Carols Daughter Anti-Frizz Cupuacu Mask
  • ►Deva Curl Ultra-Defining Gel
  • ►Deva Curl Supercream
  • ►Miss Jessies Coily Custard
  • ►Flawless By Gabrielle Union Blow Dry Cream
  • ►The Mane Choice 24k Gold Twisting Gel
  • ►The Mane Choice 24k Leave-in Lotion


  1. Thanks for all of the information you're giving us about these products. I appreciate you doing the work. I know this video is kind of old but, I'm just now running across it. I recently got the deva curls gel as a sample I was curious what type of moisturizer that you use with it. So far I've used the eden body works shea pudding souffle with it and it flaked. I don't want to spend money on a whole bottle of deva curls to use as a styler if its not going to work with other products I already have. Their stuff is so expensive. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks again for your time.

  2. Your tapered haircut looks gorgeous and healthy. What color is your hair. I love it! Also the Mielle Pomegranate & Honey is wonderful for a wash & go

  3. ms…………………….honey i love you darling your channel is loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. I just wanna say thankyou so much , because I have really been struggling with my 4c hair and was so close to putting a perm . But just watching your videos just completely changed my mind . You explain things so welll and I just love love love your videos and your personality . Your are doing An amazing job . You deserved all the blessings that are coming your way girl.❤️


  6. Thanks for sharing!! Very informative, im literally about to try everything!! (Except the diva curl..i keep giving that line a try because everyone else loves it but for some reason it just doesn’t do it for me. I do like the smell however so sometimes i use the One Condition as a leave in) lIm extremely exciting to start my research on Gabrielle Union’s line!!! (This is my first time hearing about it) Thanks Girl!! ❤️

  7. I don't know why but I'm blown away by the view in this video!!!! You're camera must be amazing!

  8. Do you have video with your favorite affordable hair products?

  9. that mane choice gel is LIFE

  10. Thanks so much for your help big help what hair type are you

  11. U should do one there inexpensive hair products that actually work? (: Nice video

  12. Love your tips! Very useful!!

  13. I’m definitely about to hair shop online ??

  14. Your new cut is so bomb ??????

  15. Form beauty had a pretty good sale this weekend. That being said to try the 3 products I've been eyeing it was going to be 69 bucks. I thought about my bills and didn't end up getting it, but best believe I saved it on my shoptagr!

  16. Kaice, everything you recommend I buy girl lmao. I've bought atleast 10 products within the last few months that you've recommended!

  17. I soo love the mielle organic products especially the leave in conditioner! I’ve been so skeptical on the Miss Jessie’s products but I’ve been wanting to try it! Definitely trying Gabrielle’s products soon!

  18. Camille rose is good but HONEY !!!! Expensive Af

  19. So I must def just went out and bought Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard, Mielle Organics Pom & Honey Line, and the Mane Choice twisting gel?

  20. I cry at some of those prices??

  21. So I definitely purchased the 24k gel because of the twist out review you did ? and girrrrrlllllllll it is worth it ??? and you definitely convinced me to buy the mielle organics line can’t wait to try them out ?

  22. I tried the coily custard it was ok. That mielle organics and ouidad though maybe a cyber Monday sale purchase???

  23. aaaaaayyyyyeeeee you were lit in the beginning lol

  24. I need a job to get those products

  25. Hope it works cause a sis is struggling ?

  26. The intro tho lol. I always see Mielle Organics everywhere. I definitely need to try their products. Thanks for the info on the products.

  27. Wrote all of these products down! You give the best, most honest reviews! Your hair looks soo good as well. So much volume and so pretty

  28. You have no idea how much I appreciate this video ?? it's great to know what products are actually worth it

  29. I️ would loveee to try the main choice product, but every time I️ go to the store to purchase it I️ wimp out on spending that coin lol. I️ have tried the coily custard tho. It is good. Ps. Hair on fleekkkkk

  30. I’m sold on trying a few of these products. Expect the mielle organic line. Your hair and color suits your personality love it

  31. Also this video came right on time! Hopefully they’ll be good sales for cyber Monday ?

  32. It’s hard to find a good deep conditioner, but I️ also don’t like to spend more than 13-14 dollars on natural hair products so maybe that’s my fault ? lol this really helps! I’m definitely going to try some of these! Thank you ?

  33. Bruh I want to try the mane choice so bad but my chikfila salary won't let me ?

  34. I've been wanting to try anything from the Mane Choice 24K Gold line because it just looks amazing lol

  35. I wanted that jogging suit from VS so bad?

  36. This was very informative, thanks for sharing!

  37. Omg Kacie, I have those Deva Curl products (got it from my first deva cut) and the they weren’t working for me. Please show me how you use them! I feel like I may be doing something wrong

  38. I love the Mielle pomegranate & honey leave-in. I used that and the mint almond oil earlier this week with no styling products. My curls are still poppin and my hair is so soft!!! I also love the smell.

  39. Kaice love you and your vids I clicked so fast on this..I'm thinking about the mielle organics but they were tooo expensive ..which part of collection do you most suggest

  40. I’m looking to try the Mane Choice and the new Mielle products.

  41. i would love to try mielle organics and deva curl products!!

  42. Yessss hunnie, I'm ordering mine from sally's. They have a dope Buy one , get one 50% off.. Thank you for your awesome reviews.

  43. I love that you are such a genuine person, who is more than willing to help other people. That’s so refreshing in the land of YouTube.. Thank you for all your help and never stop. Congratulations for all of your success!!! Much love to you??

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