HELLO LOVES! Today I am sharing 10 fashion hacks every girl must know! I show you simple clothing hacks and also some diy clothing hacks! How to revamp old clothes , t-shirt diy and even how to make a scarf to a vest !! Hope you enjoy!!


  1. omg the pony tail looks good on u

  2. Me before you and i love the part where at the end Clark is in Paris at the cafe and she reads the letter that Will wrote to her

  3. some of the movies i like:

    -the impossible
    -the vow
    – a movie about an asian little boy and a blind and deaf fox (dont know the name…but i cried floods while watching it)
    -the fox and the hound
    -my girl
    -the fault in our stars
    -the boy in the striped pyjamas(i think thats its name…about the 2nd worldwar)
    -chindlers list
    -the green mile
    -alice in wonderland (all of them!)
    -my sisters keeper
    -high scool musical
    -jurassic park and world

  4. These out fits are so freaking helpful for so many things. Thank you I wear these outfits for collage?

  5. I like these fashion hack because you know how to dress and you should have fashion hack for women who are fat

  6. Love it cant wait to try it thank u

  7. U r so beautiful ☹️♥️✨

  8. Its not a disney movie but is called splash

  9. That shoe hack with the sneakers. Toothpaste works well. Even better I think. Apply onto a brush and brush da hell outa those shoes. White and pretty like teeth when you're done ✔

  10. Your vidéos are Amazing but your voice IS anoying ! You talk too much PS:just show us DON'T talk

  11. You really remind me of a young Cindy off of scary movie ?

  12. Emmm hello!! which apps do you use to edit ur video? ?

  13. I think it would be more enbarrassing to have baby powder on my shirt…

  14. I love you so much ❤️ your videos are so helpful and they make me so happy ?

  15. Pls subscribe to my channel I have cancer it's my dream

  16. these are the ugliest outfits ever lmfao

  17. omg her hands r soo hairy!!!

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