1. I'm tall and have long legs, so my pants are never long enough

  2. I took off all the crop tops from my wish list cause I'm a bit chubby and believe they wouldn't look good. With all your fashion hacks I may just add them back

  3. omg i have bought t shirts too small but the worse are the bras sometimes i forget not all brands are the same now i just stick to one brand

  4. Can you do more Fitness Videos pls?!?

  5. I am 4 11' and also so lazy to get pants tailored for me.

  6. Can u plz make more health fitness vids

  7. You should really bring back your celebrity hacks videos. You should do Fifth Harmony and Little Mix part 2.

  8. Were the same height nicoletta love you❤❤❤

  9. Showing too much of your panties and seeing your phone in your bra.

  10. luv ya always.. but please make a video on how to glow up as a teen

  11. WOAH! You're only 5"2, I thought you were 6" lol

  12. Your height is 5'2
    , my height is 5'2 but im just 15 yrs old ? nvrmind you're still
    Pretty ❤

  13. You're not short I'm 4"11 I wear skinny jeans they seem to fit me the best. Ha my bra straps are almost always showing I just never card if I'm going to like fancy party I try not to have them showing

  14. Thank you for taking the time to make such informative, unique and creative videos. I can see how much effort you put into your channel♡

  15. Hey babe… Can u do a video on wts in my handbag.. or essentials of handbag or something like dat…

  16. I never wear a white bra under a tight white top, it shows terribly. Instead I go for nude/flesh which is far more discreet.

  17. This vid was super helpful thank you!! Also your jean jacket is so cute, where did you get it??

  18. Everybody says it sucks to be short. Im 5'9" and i legit tower. TOWER. At least you can wear heels and not be taller than every guy in your class. #TallGirlProbs

  19. You are so pretty!!! I love your videos!!!

  20. Girl, those Rose Gold heels; are they 8.5/9? If so and youre over them, hand them off! ?? #me

  21. I loved this as usual, you have the best videos Nicoletta! I love you so much ❤

  22. you should do a video of cool shoes please and thanks ???

  23. I like the fashion hacks because,I am very fat and everybody makes mistakes

  24. "Keep your shoes clean" looks across the room at my white (now brown) converse :/

  25. I love how you don't cut it out when you mess up on your words.. you're just so real!! Luv ya!?

  26. I do the purse clutter thing lol its horrible

  27. I'm 5' 1.5". I buy petite pants and they are still too long. Hem tape and an iron have been my best friends since high school.

  28. I think that the majority of these tips are for girls who dress so girly but what of the other girls are more interested in streetwear and othe types that make these tips totally wrong

  29. I did 6/10 fashion mistakes duh ? Anyways still an other amazing and educating vid, thank u ?
    Love u so so much Nicoletta, hope u had a great back to school ???

  30. You are so beautiful.The outfits are so beautiful.your body is so goals.your makeup is so goals.hair goals and smile and personality goals.I can't imagine your videos without your smile in them….♥♥♥ you girl

  31. Make a video for tall girl…i hate…I'm 1.70

  32. ?Thnku so so much!! These are gonna help me! luv ya

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