10 French Tip Manicure designs that aren’t boring AF

Have you always wanted a beautiful, classic, white French tip manicure? WELL HERE’S A TIP: USE YOUR NAILS TO STAND OUT, NOT BLEND IN. NOW BYE


1. Drag marble decal

2. Holo foil tip

3. Stamping tip

4. Dry brush colours tip

5. Glitter placement tip

6. Silver holo near-boring tip

7. Black holo tip

8. Drag marble fire tip

9. Cat ears tip

10. Glitter gradient tip


  1. z mm mm mm 8 @ & 8 & . e. •• ., ) ( c O O O

  2. my favorite were my favorite cause they had LOTS OF HOLO

  3. 0:33 It killed me when she didn't say taco. ALSO SHE SAID MY NAME!!!! 3:45

  4. You know what I say ?ur boring French tips

  5. Yo I freaking love you lol ?

  6. I did the last one…..it looks flipping beautiful! ?❤️

  7. I've got an idea for a beatiful french tip manicure:
    1. Add a peel-off base coat
    2. Paint all nails black
    3. Add a holo taco
    4. Add a white french tip to all nails exept the accent nail
    5. Add a glossy taco
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand done!!!!

  8. I don’t French tips are boring at all. I think they are beautiful.

  9. Did someone say tea☕️

  10. Can you make 100 layers of H?l? nail polish???????please like this if you agree!!!????

  11. There are so many that's what she said jokes in here

  12. I died when she said "Glossy clear coat." Good thing she's acting(⌒▽⌒)

  13. My story is I was going to open my closet I went to hard and I broke half of my nail it hurt real bad .Question :are you a cat person or dog person I'm both.???????????????????????????

  14. But the blue…….you said its holo………..but its not holo


  16. This is when Cristine actually did nail art ???

  17. Who else felt uncomfortable when she said clear coat

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