If you’re hairy, watch this. SHARE UP FOR HACK VIDEOS

Thank you for a million! I love you guys! 🙂


  1. Those are my types of parents also

  2. My legs are hairy and arms and in 10!!! Like I need to wax idc if it hurts

  3. I started shaving at 7 years old and I still shave now

  4. Im 11 and have hairy arms I dont know what to do? I watching the vid now hope to get help x

  5. I started shaving my legs in 4th grade

  6. Girl I love you my sister is doesn’t shave but my parents do t let her and like other girls have hair that isn’t even noticeable so crazy and they still shave

  7. I started shaving in 6th grade and I think I was like 11?

  8. I started shaving in 5th grade

  9. My parents won’t let me shave

  10. My parents still won't let me shave.

  11. In my country coconut oil is like 30 zł (3.32 zł i 1 dollar) so it ain't that cheap

  12. I started shaving at 10 years old lol XD

  13. im 9 and i shave im very hirey

  14. I started shaving in 4th grade

  15. Yesterday was my First Shave up to my knee

  16. I forget to shave my legs today, everyone would look at my legs (at public) a girl just came up to me and said "next time go and shave your legs, girl."

  17. I can't shave I'm only8

  18. sorry about that first one i was trying to spell yes but it turned out to be a T in the front

  19. teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeee

  20. I still don't shave but I really want to

  21. I don’t shave and. Am in grade 7

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