10 Halloween Nail Art Designs: The Ultimate Guide #2!

Hey guys! In today’s nail art tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to create 10 easy and fun nail art designs that are perfect for Halloween! These spooky and colorful designs are a lot of fun to create and will get you in the Halloween spirit! I hope you guys enjoy this Ultimate Guide – let me know which of these 10 nail designs was your favorite in the comments below!


  • Zoya Anchor Base Coat
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Shany Black Striper
  • Nailbees XS Nail Brush
  • Sally Hansen Black Out
  • China Glaze Kiwi Cool-ada
  • System 3 Cadmium Red Acrylic Paint
  • Formula X Spirited
  • Formula X Pyrotechnic
  • Sally Hansen Green With Envy
  • NCLA Glow
  • ORLY Just Breathe
  • Shany Yellow Striper
  • Milani Orange Striper
  • Mitty Easy Peel Tape Flawless Finish
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Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. as a little tip you shouldn't use all of these on your nails at once (to keep it from looking too busy), I would recommend using one as an accent nail(on the ring finger or the nail you prefer)

  2. i thought the dripping slime nail is a eggplant nail

  3. You should do nails inspired by the Zodiac signs! Although there are 12 you could put 2 Zodiac signs on the thumb.Do you agree with this idea? Also if you know what a zodiac sign is comment your's!♓

  4. I love ? all of them! I love ? Halloween ?

  5. I like all of them but some I don't

  6. I love them all!!❤️❤️?

  7. Super late on this one lol BUT the blood splatter is definitely my favorite and as for Frankenstein that would be the doctor

  8. I like the pumpkin, the candy corn and the ghost + new sub❤️❤️❤️

  9. frankin stein is not a doctor he is a monster

  10. frankin stein is the monster and i know I'm like a month late

  11. I like your nail art Halloween nails that are very very cute

  12. The nights before Christmas is my first halloween favorite movie

  13. Frankin Stein is the doctor not the monster?

  14. these are so cool for Halloween and in all ur vids ur paint ur nails so amazingly how do u do it??????

  15. I love the nail art it is so pretty ☺☺☺☺??❤????????????

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