10 Healthy Habits That Changed My Life !


  1. Hi Nicoletta!!!today's my birthday it would make YEAR if you replied?
    Plus I love you and your vids;)so helpfull!! Luv u

  2. really need this?..thanks for the video☺

  3. really need this?..thanks for the video☺

  4. really need this?..thanks for the video☺

  5. Tost and paenut butter is sooo good

  6. I'm in 7th grade and I do athletics but I did not make the volleyball team which means I'm on off season so at 8:00 I get to school and go straight to the gym change my clothes and at 8:15 I workout whether it's running and lifting waits it keeps me busy and gets my brain running better

  7. Super Video thank u❤️ regards from germany!!

  8. The first one is to go to bed early and it 11:50??‍♀️??‍♀️

  9. Thank you so much for making this video I was looking for tips to make me healthy I'm skinny and this girl in 6 grade made fun of me cuz of that but thanks for these tips love ya

  10. You look so pretty with curls?

  11. I've always wondered this… If you want to get a flatter stomach with slight ab definition, can you do ab workouts or do you have to do cardio? In my head I feel like if you were to do ab workouts while you have a bit of a tummy then you will have abs that like go outwards in the shape of your belly beforehand (if that makes sense?) I feel like you should do cardio until you lose the weight and then do the toning exercises. Am I right or not? I'd love to know, thank you!!

  12. I appseluntly love your fitness videos u should do more

  13. Hi, i would like to know if you count calories and macros?

  14. I have a problem with my weight

  15. thank you soooo much for this?

  16. love your videos, its just and advice: you could make shorter intros… and edit a bit to make your videos shorter. Thanks for the inspo! 🙂

  17. I can't work out in the morning because of school :/

  18. These are all great habits! But the one about eating at night wasn't quite accurate. The body actually burns a lot of calories during sleep which is one reason why getting enough sleep is important. The reason you shouldn't eat at night is because your body digests food slower while you sleep, so your body will end up using a lot of extra energy to digest your food rather than using that energy to repair itself from the day.

  19. if you have problem waking up early then try the apps alarmy or the rock clock

  20. For number 4, a good app is Plant Nanny. Every time you drink a glass or a bottle or whatever of water, you log it. This keeps your plant growing. If you don't drink enough, it will die. It will tell you how much you need to drink, if your drinking it to fast, and the amount of ML. that 1 glass or bottle or whatever gives you.

  21. please do a fitness journey video 😀

  22. Can you pls do diys when bored without much craft supplies

  23. I love you so much ,thankyou for your site down talk with us about being healthy and body images it really cheered me up love you so much❤

  24. This has helped a lot! Thanks x

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