10 LAZY Girls HAIR HACKS & Hairstyles That ARE Actually Kinda Useful!

In this hairstyle video, I’ll teach you 10 simple, Lazy Girls Hair Hacks & Easy Lazy Hairstyles that are pretty useful for everyday! In this hair tutorial, you’ll see a new 2-minute Elegant Bun, a Retro Poof Half-Up Half-Down updo hack, lazy ponytails and my favorite way to curl my hair in 5 minutes.

What other cute hairstyles should we do, let me know down below. Want more updos, braids, messy buns, half-up, half-down updos, or more hair hacks?

These hairstyles can be done on straight, curly or layered hair and are perfect for busy mornings for school or work.

In this hair, beauty, life hack video

  1. how to prevent staticy hair hack.
  2. how to curl your hair in 5 minutes & share what I’ve been using.
  3. how to DIY hair wax hack for braids and updo styles.
  4. 2 lazy easy ponytail hairstyles for running late school or work days!
  5. Easy fancy updo for homecoming, prom, weddings or everyday!
  6. Quick retro poof half up style!
  7. Dry shampoo hair hacks!


  1. omg that curling iron ? i need this in my life now.. my hair wont stay curled for nothing and i hate heavy hair sprys so i dont use hair spry. but im sure that curling iron cost to much for me

  2. U r the best. Love ur videos soooo much. They all r wonderful ???

  3. Moore hair hacks I love you ??????

  4. girls iam sandy interested houswfe girls msg my what's up no 9172391988 plzzzz

  5. show hair style for curley hair

  6. Any lazy girl hacks for thin and curly hair?

  7. is anyone else having trouble entering the contest? I just get to the "add to cart" screen ? I want it for free 🙂
    love your videos!

  8. Hi mam I'm ur big fan I'll always watch all ur vedios please can u help me my hair is very very rough and dry please help me to Make my hair smooth

  9. I love it….
    thank you….
    from Nepal…
    love u

  10. You make it look so easy and pretty.
    I was wondering if you do any make-up tutorials ?

  11. I love your hair hacks!! The knot pony is one I might try. My hair is super thick and wavy and is so hard to hold a curl! I need that curling iron!!! Keep your hair hacks coming???

  12. your tutorials are great, but I did not manage to do any of them perfectly beautisul like you do it((( I will try again and again. When you become so proficient with it, it will save a lot of time))) Thanks!

  13. You probably hold the record for getting me to subscribe in so few videos. I love your funny stutterings, i love the half look, i love that you have a look that suits my age, and i love your v shaped face, love the luxurious style overall, hit all my win buttons.

  14. Love this you're so cute and charming!!

  15. WHY SOOOOOO FAST??!!! We can barely follow you, girl!

  16. comeon we came here for some real hair hacks but keep on repeating same nothing much not liked ur video and u talk toooooooo much nonsense

  17. hiii can you tell me that which indian proudct control my hair frizz plzzz

  18. your awesome! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

  19. I never look at these hair tutorials but you seem to cut out the unnecessary and make it very simple. thanks for the video!

  20. didn't she look like urvashi rautela

  21. pleaseeeeeeeee do some more hair hacks.. thanks!! ?

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