10 Minute BUTT and Thigh Workout How to get a Bigger BUTT FAST !


  1. HELLO LOVES! Happy Sunday! Hope you are all having an amazing weekend! Sorry it took so long to bring this video to you guys! Leave any other fitness requests you have down below! And I have a bunch more in my FITNESS playlist if you want to see more hehe!!


  2. hey… do i i have to do it everyday? I wanna try IT cuz im skinny… when i'll see the results?

  3. Got roller d tonight and I just did this ?

  4. How do you do this!!!!!???????????? im literally already tired

  5. Does it help to burn fat on thigh???

  6. I did this just now and let me tell you: SHE ISN'T KIDDING WHEN SHE SAYS YOU'LL FEEL THE BURN!

  7. Nicoletta your body are honestly goalss!! ILY

  8. I would die just on the first one

  9. I don't think I'm doing the last one right, it's only my arms that burn

  10. can you make like an easier thigh/but work out ? like I'm trying really hard but I physically couldn't do some of these like I couldn't lift my leg past 90° in the exercise before the hydrants and the glute (sorry I can't spell) bridge things were literally impossible like I could not do it no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get my body off of the ground

  11. bro, my only problem is guys in my school will look at me… That's so annoying

  12. I start school next week. And I look like a skinny stick figure. I'm gonna try these because 1. I've never exercised a lot. And 2. I just want to look less skinny for the first day of school. And do you have any tips for having muscles or just toughed up arm looks? Like yours? LOVE the video!????

  13. I couldn't walk. It was an amazing workout, thanks

  14. I was dripping in sweat at the end of this workout!

  15. you should do a intense arms workout

  16. how many times would you suggest this be done? And how many times through, or do you think once through is enough?

  17. How long does it take for it to grow???

  18. where did you get those leggings from

  19. I realistically need the whole 10 minutes for my break?

  20. Does anyone know workouts that give you definition in that line that runs down a really toned thigh? (sorry I don't know what the line is called)

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