10-Minute Strength Training Workout For Runners | Class FitSugar

We want to help keep all you runners on the road, so we created this short strength-training program just for you! This 10-minute workout targets areas vulnerable to injury when logging many miles, but we also put some core exercises in the mix too, which will make you a more effiecient runner. And the more efficient you are, the speedier you will get. Fear not if you are new to strength training, we offer beginner variations on each of the moves. We suggest doing this workout once or twice a week — it makes a good warmup or cool down.

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  1. This is more warmup workout before running.

  2. this really helped my sore upper legs thank you so much

  3. I bought instruction from Unflexal and I learned about workouts.

  4. I have slight scoliosis and I'm having pain across the front of the hip joint, its tender to pressure, feels like the bursa? Can you give me some advice?

  5. Do you do this workout before or after running???

  6. Looks great, but no way to check for hard proof that Anna is certified (which I refuse to compromise on without exception) is an instant stopper. It's no wonder that I had to give up running last year, because apparently there are no YouTube trainers out there who want to show their credentials.

  7. I've done so many workouts with Anna. I feel like she's my super fit big sister. Love it, thank you for being so inspiring!!

  8. this looks great! going to add strength training to my running routine. can't wait to try it!

  9. Remi, where are your shoes from???
    Also great video!! So good for anyone at any athletic level.

  10. I love the energy and the modifications. So relevant for runners and beautifully filmed and edited ?

  11. Great training! I'm definitely will utilize this training!!!!

  12. i almost died doing this but it feels soo good

  13. The pic of the two of you with your great smiles got me to watch this video. You look like you are having so much fun! Very good video. Thanks!

  14. Anna, where are your leggings from?

  15. I asked for this type of workout a couple of months ago!!! Yay, so excited to do this!!!

  16. Please warm-up and you take your video on prolonging the length motion before volleyball ?

  17. hey Anna I love you, your smile and your workouts. I am gonna try this.

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