10 Minute Wider Hips and Butt WORKOUT | Reduce HIP DIPS | NO Equipment !!


  1. Hello loves! I have another 10 minute workout ! It would mean so much if you shared it with your friends and family 😉 I have more 10 minute workouts in my fitness playlist if you want more just check out my description box!
    Thank you for watching loves xo

  2. this is similar to Alex Ren's butt workout

  3. Thank you for doing this video! Could you do a sunburn removal video or something of how to remove sunburns? I have been sunburned for quite a long time now and i want to remove it.. thankssd

  4. Arm workout especially for bat wings

  5. House tourrrrrrrrr ❣️❣️❣️

  6. And there is me who already has wide fat hips and big butt…
    Gotta workout this junk ??

  7. Thank you girl…love your videos❤️❤️

  8. This is very similar to the workout I do ❤️

  9. Thank you so much for making this ? i can do this at home and thats what i really like ! Love youu??

  10. Can you make a video about how to remove circles around the eyes?

  11. You need more Recognition you’re so helpful and have videos for literally everything I love you!!

  12. Nicol plz make video on hand day ???
    Love from Nepal ??

  13. I love you workout videos❤️❤️❤️ Pls do an intense arm workout to build some muscles on your biceps/triceps/shoulders???

  14. Omg thank you sm Nicoletta, thanks to your workouts, detox waters, and other helpful videos I have come down from 85kg to 55kg and I've never been more happy, I did these everyday of the summer holidays and I can't wait to go to school and show off my new fit body, thank you so so so much

  15. i was actually feeling tired watching you do it ?, I will definitely try, TYSM

  16. I needed this so much! I just added these exercises to your butt and leg routine. I just added the ones that weren’t already in there

  17. can yo do a video showing the results? of when you maybe werent so toned and then onto now?

  18. Pleaaasssse more workouts I love them so much

  19. Please do a video on chest workout which helps to increase the chest area

  20. I love no equipment workouts !!!!

  21. Wow I’m for sure this will be helpful!❤️

  22. Awesome workout! ?Different approach to the butt workout we posted, really cool ?

  23. Your body is goals and yes these excersies do work. You probably the best youtuber and a adviser. Loads of love. Keep updating us

  24. More videos please ??
    You are the best❤️❤️❤️

  25. Love your vids and the time you put on for us!

  26. wow loved this so much i have been looking for so long for a hips workout to get wider hips, i rlly love ur workout Nicoletta!

  27. Your house is so beautiful!

  28. loveee the 10 mins workout! can u make one for the arms and also one for the chest? love you!!
    edit: also a great idea is a 10 min full body workout but for when ur on your period! needdd that ?❤️

  29. Hey can i do this workout too like i have such small butt and i want to increase it?

  30. Great video, I love your workout outfit

  31. Can you continue your celebrity beauty hacks series

  32. Great video Nicoletta like always. Can you please please do: 10 things you should do before school 2018. Because I really need that video. You are the best, love you soo much Nicoletta??????

  33. Omg I'm the highlighted comment thank you soooo so much

  34. I’m 12 but I love you ?❤️

  35. I just started working out this Summer and I knowww this video will helpppp smmmm!!! Thank u:)))


  37. Omg you are so good and you should keep going ?

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