10-Minute Workout to Sculpt Your Body in 2 Weeks

If you want to burn fat, tone up all your muscles, and lose belly fat, this video is all you need. This 10-day workout program works for any body type and consists of 4 different sections that are designed to train all the muscle groups.


  1. Hey guys! Have you already tried this workout? If so, please, share your results!

  2. Day 1!!!!☺☺
    Will come back after 2 weeks and tell if it works!!! ??
    Wish me LUCK!!!!! ???

  3. Good exercise..kept the body fit. And we can do it at home. No running out money.

  4. OMG i'm dying it's sooooo hard…AHHHH! but still gonna do this XP

  5. Wow this actually worked I’m fit ? THANK U SO MUCH I LOVE YOU THANKSSS

  6. I will try….. It luks easy nd comfortable…

  7. Do you want updates? I will report results in a week

  8. It really works with healthy balance diet. I lost 15 kilograms. I'm so thankful for this ❤

  9. Juat completed it. Definitely not too difficult so if you are more advanced, try doing it a second time. I feel my legs working

  10. I work out my whole body every morning to get out of bed.

  11. You shouldn't watch this and eat pizza?

  12. i love this video its awsom and im going to try it

  13. I have been doing the “5 min plank workout “ for 10days. I can see that my belly becomes thinner. Since yesterday i have started this 10 min workout too. I do two times a day. I would love to know how much kcal does this workout burn? Thanks a lot if you can help.

  14. Can anyone tell me if this help you with cellulites? I’m starting this workout next week ( 2/5/18 ) and I’ll update

  15. Does this actually work? I’m trying to loose weight really fast so I don’t want to waste time on useless exercises?

  16. This worked with me REALLY good!!!??

  17. Okay broth side have lots of excerise video which should i do sir or mam

  18. Day #2 Complete ??I will update on results after 2 weeks

  19. I start this today! Everything, expect arms, because I don't need that exercise ?

  20. I want to my chest also farm please tell me how to do

  21. I will try my best I hope it will work

  22. I did this workout every morning for two weeks. the results were amazing. Even family and friends noticed a change after only 10 days. Don't give up. I only did the video workout. I never increased the amounts and to begin with I couldn't do all of it either.
    Do what you can, if you do it every morning… the results are incredible. toned, slimmer arms and waist, more shape on the bum, stronger tighter thighs and generally I had more energy. trust me, exercise is the last thing i ever want to do. but if you want an easy solution (no gym membership)do this.
    I used to go to the gym all the time… never saw results so quickly. Good luck!

  23. Love your workout videos but at this one the only clinch for me is your counting. Too fast especially when is muscle work

  24. I'm gonna try this so I'll be in shape for my Brother's wedding the 10th ,, I really hope this works ** Thank you Bright Side for being awesome ; ) I have learned a lot by you ♥♥

  25. #1 Elbow Plank 10 sec
    #2 Leg-Up Plank 10 sec
    #3 Side Plank 10 sec
    #4 Climbing Plank 15 sec
    #5 Squats 20 times
    #6 Lunges 15 times
    #7 Belly Push-Ups 20 times
    #8 Shoulder Circles 40 times
    #9 Punches 40 times
    #10 Push-Ups 20 times
    #11 Lifting 20 times
    #12 Mountain Climbers 40 times
    #13 Burpees 15 times
    Your Welcome

  26. How many calories are you burning in total for this workout?

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