10 Nail Art Designs Using A TOOTHPICK! | The Ultimate Guide #1

No tool nail art! Only a household item: A TOOTHPICK! In today’s nail art tutorial, Juli will be showing you 10 easy and cute nail art designs that are perfect for beginners. The best part? All you need is a toothpick! That’s right– you can DIY them all just by using a toothpick. No brushes or dotting tools required! We hope you’ll get out your nail polish and give these cute and easy nail art designs a try. If you decide to DIY them, please make sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see! Love you all so much XO


  • Wet’N’Wild ‘Saving Base’
  • ORLY ‘Glosser’ Top Coat
  • Essie ‘Matte About You’
  • KL Polish ‘Miss Kensington’ ‘Celia’ & ‘St. Clair’
  • Essie ‘Hand Made of Honor’
  • China Glaze ‘Too Yacht To Handle’
  • Nails Inc ‘White Out’
  • KL Polish ‘Pinky’
  • OPI ‘Santa Monica Beach Peach’
  • KL Polish ‘Cha Cha Cha’ ‘Tropicana’ ‘Porter Miami’ & ‘Magic City’

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Eeeeewwww dats a pretty nail… is dat crystal gel? Liked and subbed

  2. How do you paint your nails without getting it all on the sides of your skin??! With my nail shape and shakey hands it's about impossible to paint my whole nail without getting at least some polish on my skin.. ????

  3. Beautiful!! I've done the swirly design and the swirly flowers a thousand times? I love how these designs look gorgeous with a matte top coat! You are amazing Juli!❤

  4. I Love your Nail Art ??

  5. do u know about nail dip powder

  6. Your tutorials are beyond our ?.. they r just amusing???????

  7. Background music was soo relaxing

  8. It is amazing ? have nothing left to say ???

  9. I love you!❤, these nails so perfect❤

  10. I like that rose one 🙂 All these are so cute designs!

  11. My favorite nail art is simple flowers and cherry

  12. Love your new video! Can’t wait for more! Who else thinks Julie’s natural nails are pretty and also Hannah’s

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