10 Nail Art HACKS You’ve NEVER seen before!!

In this video, 10 Nail Hacks You’ve Never Seen Before, you’ll learn 10 new and EASY nail techniques that will make nail art so much easier!

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  1. honestly , you make the best hacks like literally. what could I do without you ? you've got a serious fan and I will follow you on social media . ××. zeta

  2. Damn I needed the hair grip + Cotten ball I ruin my mani doing my toes ?

  3. making clean strips with the rubber band is amazing

  4. I love the rubberband trick around the cuticle and the string for striped nails!! Ok, I love them all!!

  5. Amazing hacks. I have done my nails forever and when i was younger and had better eyes I could do almost anything. In the last couple of years i have not been able to do so well. Now you have given me so much to do!!! and hacks that help me keep them clean and professional too. Thank you so much, you are a smart young lady.

  6. I really loved it…….❤️❤️❤️

  7. bishhhh u the bomb jahtna bomb??

  8. The nail hack with the string was kinda bad, it just kinda looked messy. You would get better results with just plain tape.

  9. I hope that by now you have simply peel. [sigh]

  10. I'm really very happy because it is literally never seen before. Love love

  11. That moment when you can't even get your social life right and looking a nail art vids

  12. The trick with the gold to silver metal studs works with regular acetone FREE nail polish remover, too, I tried it out 😉

  13. I absolutely love the marker nail polish remover hack!

  14. perfume can take nail polish off

  15. The crayola marker/polish cleaner upper…Cool!

  16. Why using a rubber band when you can use regular tape?

  17. Bobby pin… loved that one…?

  18. Good i like it make more videos like this one

  19. If you don't have seran a rap (sorry I don't know how to spell) you can use a ziploc bag

  20. I loved the string and eyeshadow how convenient!

  21. the one that she did this Stipe with was my favorite


  23. mine was the Bobby pin in the middle of the nail

  24. I'm constantly buying correction pens so I love how you turned a crayola marker into a correction pen…genius!

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