10 Nail HACKS You’ve NEVER Seen Before!!

In this video, 10 Nail Hacks You’ve Never Seen Before, you’ll learn 10 new and EASY nail techniques that will make nail art so much easier!

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  1. I've actually seen this before so this video is useless but I give it credit

  2. I love ur video . This is.da v
    Best . . Ur face book vid really inspired me alot ????????? (NO LIE)


  4. I'm 13 and I love acrylic nails I want mine done but since it was a holiday I wasn't able to I'll try again this week before I go to school Monday and probably before I get my hair done. I sometimes do my nails myself

  5. Hey girl u mention your mat.. I want one please.. Heres is my address… Janice Turner
    321 mikel road
    Hickman Kentucky 42050

  6. My favorite was th orange juice one

  7. The toothpaste one worked but i had to do some scratching and now ny nails hurt anyways it's not the best idea but if you're desperate like i was, try it out?

  8. I love you your so sweet xoxo?????

  9. Some of them have already been seen which is odd because the title says never seen

  10. First video I'm seeing of you, came from your AD

  11. I love the stencil one!! Thank you so much!! I have been looking for a stencil set recently.

  12. I want that Scooby-Doo ahhhhh ?

  13. did ANYONE actually get a mat? if you did please like or comment cuz I feel like maybe no one really got one? ?idk maybe I'm just a skeptic…

  14. I have seen all of them before but thank you!!☹️?

  15. just found your channel and I subscribed I like it a lot I think I'll be watching you on a regular thank you

  16. my favourite was the coconut oil mask that was sooooo clever. Jahtna I love u so much even though I just found u out 5 mins ago xD

  17. plss tell me more about diy nail sticker….. and yaaa its amazing I just loved ur video

  18. very nice and usefull video .. live long buddy???

  19. Duh. Aren't these common knowledge — when you're 11? Um, the perfume and hairspray have alcohol in it – OF COURSE it's going to take off your polish. Everything else is common sense too! Good lord! NEVER seen…If it's your first day on earth!@!!

  20. HI, I Loved all your advice! Just not sure about the nail art mat. You mean if you paint polish on some kind of plastic….when it dries you cut the piece out or does it just lift up so you can place it on your nail? I am a new subscriber and I am probably your OLDEST subscriber! LOL I am 64! but I look like 50 and feel like 30! Deb xx

  21. i love coconut oil i use it for everything and i put it in my yogurt!

  22. You should do hacks for dogs or dog lovers ??

  23. I love the printable nail mat thingy….great for noobs like myself! lol thanks!

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