10 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You’re Lazy


  1. Hey guys! Like if you're a couch potato like me. :p

  2. So glad I clicked on this video

  3. My dad actually lost weight by not eating foods with added sugar.

  4. Is it weird that I got an ad of losing weight and that if i want to lose weight I have to stop watching youtube videos about it because it won't do anything……

  5. Who else watched the video and then saw # 7 and 8 then shut their phone off then went to sleep then the next morning finished the video? Lol

  6. I only weigh seventy one pounds I am nine years old

  7. clicks while eating nutela and laying on the couch.

  8. Comment if you love water!!!!!!!!!I LOVE WATER! SO TASTY

  9. Okaayy i'm gonna take a nap now xD

  10. A hot compress doesn't make me sweat, and I sweat easy.

  11. but i usually eat with chopsticks

  12. Im sittin on a couch right now

  13. #8 is so true. that's what I did before and I lost 9 kg

  14. Guys im 14, tall 175cm and weight 70kg, its not normal right?

  15. (Looks at #7) it's past 2 in the morning and I have to wake up at 630. . .

  16. Better to wait 1/2 hr after eating or you'll brush the enamal off of your teeth.

  17. Can we eat only the egg white or we have to eat the egg with yolk?

  18. Drink water ok I didn’t know that I’m gonna do that now ???

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