10 Reasons You’re NOT Losing Weight !!


  1. Why do you always post yt videos about losing weight? I mean it‘s not the most important thing? You have a lot of young followers and they may think they have to lose weight or change their body? In my opinion you should think a little bit about that??‍♀️

  2. I love Swimming but i enjoy watching Football matches more but the thing i love doing is Swimming

  3. Thanks so much, this video is very intresting and beautiful ??

  4. I really love ur lashes!!! Omg they r amazing!!

  5. Could you plz share your before and after pics with me…..???.it might motivate me

  6. My favorite sport is ice hockey, even though I suck at it??

  7. My favorite sport is soccer ⚽️!!!

  8. My favorite sport is ballet ❤️

  9. My favorite sport is track!! I absolutely love it!!!?

  10. My favorite sports are basketball and volleyball. I play both of them and I don’t know what I’d do without either one of those sports.

  11. My favorite sport is… Well I have 2 my favorite sport to play is basketball and to watch is baseball

  12. I have always loved track and field. Sprints, long jump and triple jump were my events. I really wish I could continue to compete but it kills my ankle

  13. My favorite sport is gymnastics, baseball, and dance. Xoxo love you

  14. To watch: Football To play: Karate or dance

  15. My favorite sport is Dance. I love your videos and u Nicoletta ?

  16. Can you make an ‘haul’ video of what you got for your birthday???

  17. My favorite sport is rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics and dancing❤️❤️

  18. It was more interesting if this video was called "13 REASONS WHY you are not losing weight".

  19. I'm not much a foodie but i'm not a fan of exercising. I prefer periodic fasting with nothing but water and it works. I lost around 10kgs in less than a month cuz i had lost appetite because if stress and anxiety due to some personal matter, but i ended up losing weight and did not suffer any illness or anything. I like things simple and straight so i don't sweat over it too much.

  20. plz reply me in messenger, i have already send u a message, really could use a friend

  21. Gymnastics is my favorite sport

  22. MY favorite sports :swimming and netball

  23. Happy Birthday Nicoletta! And my favourite sports is pro wrestling

  24. Um.. i'm eating while watching this…

  25. I am a dancer but I am overweight so it is very hard sometimes and I even get comments from family about my weight and I do eat a little healthy but not that much cause I am a picky eater so if anyone has tips please let me know cause I do want to get healthy

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