Here are my Top 10 (Out of Style) Items that I think everyone should get rid of in their closet! I tried to make this list very specific…Hopefully this helps to clean out your closet, organize your closet and purge all of the items you no longer wear!

  3. OLD DRESSES (Prom, Bridesmaid, etc.)

Take this list, grab a garbage bag and CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET! Take the items to your nearest Salvation Army, Goodwill, clothing charity, etc….and donate your items!


  1. i laughed so hard at this because it's SO accurate (i immediately thought of all of my like 13 hoodies) – love this video…now i wanna go clean out my closet

  2. I KNEW it! I was waiting for it…the BUCKLE/MISS ME jeans! I have the last two pair left, and today their leaving. lol

  3. Can you please do a video on work outfits?!

  4. Great tip for pit stains or stains in general: buy fabric dye. It makes the peice brand new again!

  5. Nice video! I really want to know where the shirt, you're wearing in this video, is from?

  6. You definitely need a long shirt with leggings, I can't understand why women wear those pants with their asses exposed like that. It leaves nothing to the imagination. I always feel uncomfortable, it's not cute!

  7. I'm not a fan of white thread jeans/embellished pockets myself, but I will say they're more of a country thing. I'm from New Jersey/New York/PA and while jeans like that aren't stylish here or, probably, on the West Coast, they are in the south. I work with a TON of southerners and allll they wear are Buckle jeans with embellished pockets and contrasting stitching.

    I guess what I'm getting at is while they may not be super fashion forward or what we're seeing in fashion magazines now, they are "stylish" somewhere. Also, I bought a pair of Buckle jeans recently myself (no contrasting stitching or embellishments on this pair; they were simple light wash for summer) and I will say they fit AMAZINGLY.

  8. 2 or 3 hoodies!? I have about 30 and refuse to get rid of them hahaha

  9. So sad this vid is a year old. Is there a 2018 version??

  10. So many hoarders in the comments

  11. You will have to pry my hoodies out of my cold, dead hands.

  12. The urea in sweat causes it to look slightly yellow.

  13. I agree with all of these except for the hoodies and the white thread jeans. Hoodies are for winter and most biker women jeans have white tread that are found at Harley Davidson.

  14. This was so helpful! Now I have permission to get rid of clothes I am unsure about! Thank you!

  15. Eat a burger ? and that top u r wearing is most certainly out of style

  16. Love your vids! I just cleared my camis. One thing as I'm old enough to have seen trends come & go & then come back: Always good to keep 1 item that is classic or will be "vintage" in 20 yrs, only if it was your fave. You will miss it later! e.g. Denim jacket if it fits perfectly, the 1 chunky yellow bracelet, just 1 pair fave bell bottom pants if made well & in great shape. Why? That will be the 1 you wish you'd kept when it comes back. Exception: Hoodies. Goodbye hoodies!

  17. Absolutely I did had never this things this. Idea could call “from teenager to maturity wardrobe challenge “
    I dnt buy fashion stuff I buy classy stuff where dnt go out of fashion and few item to go wit fashion.

  18. How bout you wear whatever the fuck makes you feel good and if someone judges you for that it says more about them than you. ?

  19. Stop buying trendy junk and stick to the classics.

  20. Love the fun pocket jeans (I'm in Texas) and hoodies ofc. The long shirt thing I agree with…done with those.

  21. Go ahead and donate stained items bc people will "upthread" them and turn them into new clothes. I also would encourage you to make sure your new clothes are ethically sourced and aren't manufactured using hundreds of harmful (and in some cases banned) chemicals. Stay safe.

  22. I am purging lots if cloths now and I am basically getting rid of all things you mentioned but the long shirts. I have a short torso and shirt shirts make me look so wired! I need to wear shorter skirts and longer tops to make me look more proportionate.

  23. You just called me out on every one of these things lol I never get rid of anything. Closet is literally packed of crap I don't touch

  24. I've worn hoodies since the 70's. They never were a "trend" for me, but a practical cool weather piece of clothing. I'll never give up hoodies. May as well dump your winter coat, too.

  25. "I'm just never gonna take the time to get the yellow stain out because I'd rather use that time telling you about how little time I have…." : P

  26. Sorry but don’t agree with you. Your video has nothing to do about out of style! You’re talking about old stuff in your wardrobe.
    Nice trainers is not the same as keeping trendy trainers.
    Rethink your video girl.

  27. This is all totally true and exactly on point

  28. Started watching your videos yesterday and am enjoying them.

    Just FYI: According to the internet flared pants are still trending. These flared pants are more couture than everyday wear, but the idea is the same: perhaps our flared pants just need to be replaced by updated versions if we really like them. ?

  29. White blazer stain.. Time to change your deodorant!! I NEVER had armpit stains and rarely even sweat there unless it is really HOT! I changed antiperspirant to a non-white staining on black type and that was when I started noticing all of the armpit stains on my tee shirts. Fairly sure that is the exact cause since my daughter and I had both changed to the same one and she mentioned that she noticed that her clothes were starting to stain in the armpit area. And the new that I am using is terrible to try to wash off in the shower! I have to wash them about 3 times to get it off. Yes it's that noticeable to the touch in the shower. I'm on the lookout for a new one.

  30. That white blazer thing is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Keep the hoodies sis

  31. To get rid of any arm pit stains or just really bad stains mix dawn detergent peroxide and baking soda together. Form a paste leave it in stain for 15-20 min. I'm a reseller and this mixture has been a lifesaver for me.

  32. Totally agree with all this.. Ooh just an fyi.. The reason you have yellow sweat stains on white clothes is bc that's what happens when the salt in your sweat mixes with the metal in deodorant and dries like that..

  33. Being on trend is so annoying, wear what is your style don't worry too much about what everyone else is wearing, if we all wear what is on trend and in style we would literally all look the same and not stand out and be unique ?

  34. So right on! Out with the old in with the new. We dont want to look like we are time travelers from the past! 😉 lol

  35. I agree with you 100%. I just did a big purge recent and got rid of ALL of my Buckle jeans. Now we are making a big move, which is why I tied into you. And now it’s time for the hoodies. Why have I kept them? I don’t like them for the same reason you mentioned, the hair issue. You can only wear them when I have a top know to messy bun?

  36. Hoodies are back in a big way with athleisure and streetwear trends, they are definitely great for cold weather.

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