10 Tips to Stay Slim But Healthy from Professional Ballerinas

Bright Side gathered 10 tips from professional ballerinas on how to stay in perfect shape. Do you want to have a graceful and feminine figure, without having to stick to some crazy diet? Then, listen up!


  1. And not to mention they train almost 7 hours a day or 6 hours, or maybe more than that

  2. I call bs on types of proteins… Enzymes (namely the pepsin in your stomach and trypsin in your intestines) don't recognize types of protein when they're being broken down, it just recognizes that they're protein and breaks them all down the same…

  3. Omg the way the narrator speaks is annoying

  4. I have a urostomy, so my body is already "flawed". So no matter what I do, it won't become flawless.
    Brain:" yay, that means we can forget about dieting!!"

    does a little happy dance

  5. Exercise to get lean muscle mass. Lean muscle burns more calories. And of course portion control on what you love to eat.

  6. I'm going to try fast day thank you very much you change my life??

  7. No any more mayo is the rit way to go

  8. Good tips and i will advise my journeys overall results as it will be a long one ?

  9. Please don't follow these tips if you wanna have a bailarina body, I am a ballet student and practice for 5 hours a day 6 days a week! Bailarinas have beautiful body's because they practice several hours a day way more than any usual person! We are basically at the gym 24/7, so we don't make our portions smaller or drink water 30 minutes before a meal, we eat and drink a lot! We basically eat whatever we want because we burn so many calories! These tips are not from bailarinas, they just made these up and said it was from bailarinas because we have a beautiful figure!!!

  10. Boys can be ballerinas to….

  11. If I was a ballerina I would be plodding around like a baby calf.

  12. Huh , cheese is allowed and mayonnaise isn't

  13. barn dedicate storage trailer appreciate agenda penalty summit maybe past.

  14. "epitome"??? they pronounced that wrong… it's "eh-pit-oh-me" not "epp-it-tom"

  15. Ballerinas are the WHAT "of beauty"?!! EPITOME > ep – IT ' – o – me (PHONETIC PRONOUNCIATION!!!) ; NOT EPI' – tome!!! What are they teaching beside Leftist propaganda in public school & universities?! Try to learn to speak, read and write, on your own.

  16. I’m a dancer and one thing that keeps ME fit, is that I go to the studio and dance for, like, 50 hours a week. Forget the diet. That’s how I stay fit.

  17. Yay I hate mayonnaise so good for me

  18. "epi-tome" ? you mean "ep-pit-o-me"

  19. Both base ruling satisfaction suspicion appeal equal dawn pen bad

  20. Even thou one of those tips is a lie there are good carbs (complex carbs) and bad carbs (simple carbs) complex carbs are good for you and simple carbs are bad for you when not used in very limited amounts also they don’t fill you up. Proteins are better for filling you up for longer

  21. I am watching only to find is that beetroot on click bait

  22. Ballet is also an extremely prestigious sport, they didn't include that.

  23. Exercise, train everyday, drink more water and eat more starch with a little bit of healthy food like salad or plain vegetables.

  24. They left out the part about putting your finger down your throat after every meal. Bulimia is not a country in South America.

  25. I do that type of ? and other's.

  26. Funny how you left out "rice" when describing the content of Japanese and Chinese food.

  27. I love tomatoe juice so it won't be a problem for me

  28. Aren't tomatoes bad on an empty stomach?

  29. "Should not be more that 110 pound!"….u said they had diet…and they hav to get slim…..da heck…I can hold my wrist and the tips of my fingers can touch my thumb while I can do that…and I weigh like 1000+ or something!and I'm like a tween and they're like teens or adults!

  30. If u love animals then don't eat them and dogs can b vegan also.
    Vegan Jesus

  31. And tomatoes are also naturally high in sodium, tomato juice has even more sodium per serving than fresh tomatoes, again not too bright

  32. That doesn't make sense, ok so if you eat eggs for breakfast, your not supposed to have any other protein for 18 (more like 24 unless your staying awake for days on end) hours?

  33. Ok, a hamburger with cheese is called a cheese burger, not too bright bright side

  34. Coke's pH is 3, on a scale where 7 is neutral.
    Green tea is 7 on a 1 to 14 scale.
    Black tea is about a 6.5.
    Fruit teas are more acidic.

    Sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, from your stomach are pH 1.

    Protect your enamel. It will prevent receding guns, tooth pain, discolored dent in.

    Now, I am going back to the video.

  35. She forgot to say pills. Diet pills. Best kept secret.

  36. Kirlia is based on a ballerina, so she could use that.

  37. Professional ballerinas do a lot of dancing but still need to eat healthy but not all ballerinas are skinny they could be muscular like misty Copeland

  38. Well they aint secret anymore

  39. 0:15 what…. WHAT… YOU SAID MY NAME…….WHAT!!!!!!


  41. Hahahahahahaha choose dishes from Japanese and Chinese cuisine, they won't harm your figure? Depending on the dish, their utter ignorance is quite alarming. Yakisoba is a Japanese dish, and it will "harm your figure" as much as a hamburger… I would say follow a Mediterranean or a Japanese diet, instead of choosing random dishes from a certain cuisine. Look at the ingredients of what you are eating, eat natural fats instead of processed ones, watch-out for sugars, eat natural ones but do not eat too many…
    And ballerinas have extremely intense training, do not eat as a ballerina if you are not going to exercise as one.

  42. Lots of ballerinas I see look anorexic.

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