10 Tricks from a Former FBI Agent to Become 200% Attractive

Former FBI agent Dr. Jack Schafer revealed top 10 tricks to become 200% attractive. These secret tips will change your life forever. Follow these easy successful techniques to find a common language with anyone anytime.
In informal communication, the inclination of the head to the side is a sign of trust. Eyebrows give a certain signals to your opponent as well. When the brain recognizes a sincere smile, it makes you smile back and starts producing endorphins that help feel a little more joy. Never hesitate to ask a person for a small favor, for example give advice or help to choose something. Whispering is perceived as an intimate form of communication. People love when something that was achieved by working hard is noticed in them. Your opponent’s gestures at this moment reflect emotions, feelings, and sympathies. There’s nothing a good movie can’t teach you!

Start with bending your head to the side 0:37
Develop facial expressions, play with eyebrows 1:14
Learn to smile with your eyes, without a grin 1:58
Forget the phrase “You’re welcome” 2:45
Shift to a whisper, emphasize without a reason 3:28
Let people compliment themselves 4:23
Make mistakes in front of your opponent 5:22
Pay attention to the pottery when you spend time together 6:02
Watch the lips of the interlocutor, learn to change the color of the eyes 6:41
If the situation is not that smooth, recall movies 7:34
Other signals and tactics that will help you win sympathy and trust 8:15
The formula of friendship developed by an FBI agent 9:04

-Bend your head to the side as a sign of trust.
-If you like a person you don’t know, give them a quick distant signal by uplifting your eyebrows.
-Smile sincerely to push people to continue communicating.
-Never say ’You are welcome” when responding to a person for the service rendered to them.
-Whisper if you want to take your relationship with someone on the next level.
-The best way to make a compliment is to encourage a person to praise himself.
-Make a deliberate mistake during the conversation and let your opponent correct you.
-Your opponent’s gestures at this moment reflect emotions, feelings, and sympathies.
-Avoid narrowed eyes, compressed lips, ostentatious yawn and wrinkled nose.
-Sometimes people like each other only after a series of obstacles and contradictions they go through together.
-Use emotional gestures, be sincere, demonstrate coldness or inaccessibility, show that you are alike.
-Proximity, frequency, duration and intensity are the main characteristics necessary for strong trust and friendship.