Here are my TOP 10 ways to always look expensive!!! As I mentioned, this isn’t the most important thing in life – but we all love to look “high end” and lux! I hope you enjoy this video 🙂


  • Neutral Shirt I’m Wearing: Here
  • Nude Pointy Heels: Here
    Navy Denim Pointy Heels: Here
    London Necklace: Here
    Cora Necklace: Here
    Liv Threader Earrings: Here (*Use code SHEA to save 10% & get free US shipping!*)
  • Gucci (Striped) Belt: Here
    Gucci (Classic Black) Belt: Here
  • The RealReal: Here
  • Vestiaire Collective: Here
  • Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette: Here
  • Too Faced Red Liquid Lipstick (Lady Balls): Here
  • Military Jacket: Here
  • Leather Jacket: Here
  • Floral Trendy Shirt: Here


  1. So, wear Miranda Fry jewelry if you want to look expensive. And here I thought a purse with interlocking C's would do it 😉

  2. I'm new and I don't know how to ?!

  3. So glad that I already use many of these tips. One more I would add is a manicure. Well manicured nails painted or not. Nail color in a neutral tone, as you suggested, is always classy. I like to be a little bit of a rebel and add one or two nails in a different (still neutral) shade just to show my wild side. Thanks for the video. I’ll be watching more!

  4. Shea, you forgot to mention about hairstyle that makes us looks expensive! ? great video

  5. Love your rings Shea! Where did you get them?

  6. I don't know who this is for. Its like lets look most average as possible. Creating your style can be all about accessories and you really don't have to spend $200 for a headband…..neutral color clothing is ….for neutral people.

  7. how to look like a Social Climber?

  8. You're cute & helpful but I found your voice loud/sharp even with the volume turned down (?)

  9. a tip that I think is tried true is have a shorter haircut, or to put your hair up in a clip

  10. I personally like videos to get to the point faster than almost 2 minutes in. I found myself clicking forward a lot. Thirty second intro/outros and 30 seconds a point would have cut it down to half the time. Just a thought.

  11. Very nice video. Just subscribed. All you people with silly and ugly remarks…go take a hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

  12. I totally agree with the pointy shoe tip!

  13. New subscriber, found you by using YT as a search engine for handbags. Love your content

  14. Class and elegance are missing. You can put as many labels as you want, and look silly. Simplicity, how the clothes actually fit and do they compliment you, those are some key points. Often times “cheap” clothes look cheap, because of the material and sewing. Flashy looks “cheap” and somewhat desperate. I’ve seen so many well dressed women and man, who look elegant and expensive with out a single designer label “screaming “.

  15. You introduction is tooooooo long . Cut to run!

  16. New sub thanks for this I needed this video from ages

  17. This video came up in my suggestions while watching makeup "dos and don'ts" video.

  18. Oooh….I’m so late. Great video. New sub!

  19. I think the intensity of “women should be seen and not heard”-esque garbage (in the form of “talk less hunnie”) is so high in these comments because being soft-spoken, docile and practically over-medicated is associated with presenting as more upper class.
    To all of these negative commenters speaking their truths – join us in 2018 when you catch up.

  20. Damn you're loud. Put some background noise in there. I feel like you're just yelling at me. Fuck. Dial it down. My volume is at 2 and you're still shouting.

  21. Being covered in brands isn't sexy. Under $200 for that Louis Vuitton cloth? HA! Don't you think YOU should be paid to wear someone's name like that? You're paying THEM to advertise.

    This reeks of consumerism.

  22. If she got her teeth fixed, I might take her seriously. But all I could focus on were the gaps between her teeth that no rich person would have.

  23. FIRST TIME ON UR CHANNEL AND I GUESS all what u said is right, love ur tips

  24. Try the all saints brand from the UK for the holy grail of leather jacket

  25. I wish I could unlike this about 500 times.

  26. I like your tips and very much agree!

  27. By the way, Massimo Dutti has nice leather jackets that I could envision on you, based of course only on what I saw in this single video ? They're stylish and classic with pretty feminine details and nice hardware.

  28. Great video and you are very beautiful ??

  29. I think a slightly darker hair color will be more flattering on you. Although you still look nice.

  30. What lipstick are you wearing? I love the shade. Btw I am new to your channel. Enjoyed the vedio.

  31. How interesting that you have so many more subscribers than likes…..I just discovered you and am looking forward to more.

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