1. HELLO LOVES! Happy friday !!! Please please leave any other fitness videos you want to see I want to start making so more for you ! If you didn't know you can also check my fitness playlist if you want to watch more because I have a ton now 😉 hehe love you all xo

  2. I've been needing this video

  3. I am gonna start these facial exercises and continue them for a week and then let you know if it worked or not!

  4. I really wanted this video thank you so much for posting ?♥

  5. Great video ? love you sweet nicoletta ❤

  6. *tries once


  7. i was actually thinking of losing face weight this Summer & Bam! i get a notification from my favorite girl ♡♡♡(・´з`・) love you xx

  8. Hello gorgeous? you look so beautiful in this hairstyle Φιλάκια Από την Ελλάδα?

  9. Aiiiiiii Laaaaavveeee youuuuuuu ??

  10. Can you please do: how to loose arm fat? Like if you agree.

  11. I definitely struggle with this hehe, thanks for the video Nicoletta

  12. Can you please do a video on reducing facial redness?
    I love your videos?

  13. Hey Nicoletta, I love your videos and I have a request. Can you please do how to lose weight fast over the summer?

  14. I love these tips, I also do some facial exercises.

  15. You’re jawline is goals?❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. You can’t lose weight in a certain place so when you lose weight you do it every where. I lost weight and noticed my face also got smaller

  17. I was waiting for this omg thank so much

  18. Chew gum guys!!! It helps

  19. The timing of the video is perfect!!

  20. Gurlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you deserve wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more subscibersssssssssss. Xoxox

  21. I like how to get rid of face fat video&how to get rid of stomach fat

  22. Wow so useful, you're awesome❤

  23. Please do a trying gymnastics again video ❤️❤️

  24. Lower abs workout ( new one )please

  25. Omg that took fast, Thanks for using my request! I'll try this (I'll start July 1st) and TRY to update daily

  26. Such a great video , I really needed this!! Thank you xx

  27. Your top rocks!! Greetings from Greece!!

  28. Loved this video. Love your channel and your vids.

    Love you!!!

  29. You're my favorite ! ?❤️❤️❤️ You're absolutely gorgeous !!!!!!!

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