10 WEIRD LAZY HACKS That Actually Work!

10 hilariously funny lazy life hacks people do that you’ve probably never seen before! THUMBS UP IF YOU’RE A LAZY POTATO! Thumbs it up loud & proud!


  1. Can you make slime with whipped cream instead of shaving foam

  2. Is it weird that I already did all of this before watching the video?

  3. Yay i did the one with the glasses

  4. I loved the video but the music was annoying

  5. Don't you hate when you try to write cool stuff in the comments just to get likes? That just happens to me……????

  6. But for hack #7 I'm just to lazy to try and get to the ceiling and to get the tin foil.

  7. Me?: do you have to yous your rags to clen the floor OMG lazy
    Ava L?: and blanket
    Me?: I saw you woke my dog in a car you all most killed Lilo!!!

  8. The tape one omg I'm going to try this out RIGHT NOW

  9. I have the same slippers lol

  10. I know it's 2018 but this was published on my birthday

  11. your makeup was on point today natalie

  12. "she actually licked that OMG!" 🙂

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