100 Layers of Hair Extensions

Time for a challenge! Here’s 100 layers of hair extensions. AKA more hair than anyone should ever wear!!
You’ve seen the polish mountains, the 100 layers of liquid lipsticks, 100 layers of foundation, well welcome to the #hairmountain! This is one hundred layers of hair weft. It weighed close to 5 pounds and was literally the heaviest thing that has ever been on my head. Pretty sure. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Why does video remind me of Danielle Cohn

  2. Holy…I just Realized thats how thick my hair is O-O Well…

    I'm worth a 100 layers of Extensions

  3. I swear people are so dumb. Do you guys live under a rock!? There's a lot of shirts, pants, and even jackets in that style. Her shirt is not inside out, it is suppose to look like that. If it was worn the wrong way, you would see her tag in the back. I have a shirt like that too.

  4. When she brought up Hermione Granger I died of happiness!!! ???

  5. not gonna lie I had almost as much hair as of yesterday :'D

  6. Omg when she said Ron Weasley I died?????????

  7. It is maybe made like that because I have one like that 2

  8. God I wish I had hair think as paper

  9. Like that feeling u don't wanna move ur head cause if u feel u do it'll fall trait off ur head

  10. Does it feel like it's going to fall off ur head

  11. You kinda look like Rapunzel, actually- :0

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