1. What was your favorite hair hack and what will you be trying??????

  2. Overmoisturizatiom has to do with too much moisture not too much protein. Kaice is very wrong. I’m not saying don’t overnight deep condition but her reasoning is false

  3. if you want something easy to travel, use the as I am doublebutter cream. very moisturizing, is packed with shea butter and coconut, perfect for the summer

  4. T'es trop belle ?❤️❤️❤️?


  6. sis pleeeeeease where did u get that soft bonnet dryer from pleeease

  7. do you deep condition on dry hair then? I'm worried about catching a cold if I leave my deep conditioner overnight because I do it after shampooing so hair is wet

  8. these are really great a lot that I haven't heard of. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great video, I heard about you through Nia. I did subscribe to your channel with notifications.

  10. Bar soap for your hair? I don't agree actually. It's toi dry

  11. Lol I totally do that now! I didn't before but I thought it would be better for my hair and tied a satin scarf around my headrest Lol ?

  12. travel soap yes?. no ml restriction

  13. Can you do a makeup tutorial for this look? Love it !! 😀

  14. The DC overnite, I don't agree with. If your DC hasn't done all its gonna do in 30 mins, toss it, lol. I think if you leave a DC on your hair overnite, its doin nothin. Plus your follow up products should help aid w/hydration, slip, softness, hold, etc. Just my opinion. ?

  15. Kaice Alea Great Hacks! I do your #6 in reverse, because my strands are much stronger for the stress that detangling puts on it. Hope this helps !!

  16. I would love to see a tutorial on washing your hair with the soap

  17. u give great advice and your so beautiful?? new subscriber?

  18. +Kaice Alea I LOVE your hair hacks and you are GORGEOUS!! I agree with the olive oil for detangling and using your fingers, my hair LOVES olive oil and it has really helped my hair grow. Also last year I did the cg method and all it did was make the top half of my hair high-po and the lower half low-po so I've had to adjust my products according to the different textures but I'm definitely trying the Aloe vera on my high-po hair section, great hacks and the plastic wrap hack. ??????

  19. gday luv fancy the fact that you look natural
    favorite hack saran wrap over edges..under peppermint oil
    silk scarf under my wig
    silk scarf at night
    yes reuse bottles
    but I am boycotting Shameful moisture

  20. Aloe Vera is pronounced Al Low Verah just saying loved your hacks thanks

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